Coffee for Aeropress

Our coffee is light-roasted so it tastes great brewed with an Aeropress, the brew method that you can take anywhere.

The Aeropress is the ultimate brew-anywhere way to make your own coffee. It’s small, light, portable and easy to use. The only other things you’ll need to make awesome coffee are a grinder, filter papers, water and — this is where we can help — freshly roasted coffee.

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How to make coffee with an Aeropress

You’ll need:

  • Your Aeropress
  • Filter paper
  • 14 of beans
  • Your grinder
  • 220ml of filtered water
  • A timer


  1. Rinse and grind

    Rinse paper filter and preheat mug. Weigh out 14g of coffee and grind it fresh at a medium grind setting — it should feel like fine beach sand.

  2. Set up your aeropress

    Place coffee in the aeropress, on top of your mug.

  3. Add water

    Take your water off the boil and let it cool slightly then pour in 220ml — this should be just short of the top.

  4. Stir

    Gently stir coffee and place the top on the aeropress to stop it draining through into the mug.

  5. Wait

    Leave for 90 seconds, or longer for stronger flavour.

  6. Stir and press

    Remove the top and gently stir again. Replace top and slowly press down until you hear hissing air.

  7. Boom!

    Let cool and enjoy.

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