Pacemaker Blend

Released December 7, 2015

Tasting notes

Dark chocolate, cherry ripe
Full bodied with low acidity

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Pacemaker is our house blend, sweet with lots of body and created to suit milk coffee.

Served black it has flavours of dark chocolate, and cherry ripe. Served with milk there are notes of malteser, cherry, and vanilla.

Current blend:
Colombia La Florida
Ethiopia Duramina

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Ethiopia Beriti: W​ashed process; Ethiopian Heirloom

Colombia Estrella: W​ashed process; Caturra, Colombia
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Colombia Martha Luz Guevara: Washed process; Caturra
Colombia Tambo: W​ashed process; Caturra and Castillo

Ethiopia Nano Chala: Washed process; Heirloom
Guatemala La Libertad: W​ashed process; Bourbon/caturra Honduras
Finca Yazmin: W​ashed process; Caturra and Catuai

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