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The Outdoorsy gift pack has been designed so it’s easy to carry and durable against harsh transport conditions. It has all the necessary items to brew, drink and repeat a tasty coffee anywhere - you’ll only need to sort out the boiling water and you’ll be ready to go.

This gift pack includes:


Each of our packs includes a unique postcard featuring Sample’s Meditating Cup having a break in the outdoors, a sticker and a personalised info card detailing the origin of the coffee and directions to our online brewing recipes, always available online for free.


About the ‘Meditating Landscapes’ gift pack series:

Each of our gift packs features the Sample Meditating Cup in an iconic landscape of our country. While no location has been disclosed, we believe each place is somewhat representative of many different natural spaces around us.

With these images of anonymous places, we want to inspire you (together with your people) to get out there and take a little moment of calm, joy and connection. It doesn’t need to be at any famous natural reserve - it could be anywhere a few steps from where you are.

We’ll be preparing and sending gifts on the following dates: 3rd, 10th and 17th of December. We do this so the coffee you receive is still nice and fresh if you decide to give it as a gift on Christmas day.


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Available for purchase at our two cafes in Sydney.


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