Coronavirus Outbreak Response

Temporary until further notice.
Latest update 28th May 2020 9.00h.

Please send any comments, questions or updates at

If you need coffee beans or brewing gear sent home to you or a friend/family member within Australia, head to the coffee retail shop, brew gear showroom or Brew Crew subscription page.

As new COVID-19 cases stabilise and the service restrictions ease, we slowly evolve into our ‘original nature’.

All our 3 shops are now open during a timeframe that is not too different from before (see footer for current opening times) and a handful of customers can sit and dine-in. However, it will still be a while until things come back to ‘normal’.

As always, we work hard to offer a tasty, warm and speedy service to our customers while being cautious, making conservative decisions and keeping an eye to the latest developments. All for the safety and happiness of our staff, customers and community in general.

We’ve compiled some Frequently Asked Questions that outline where we are at and what can you expect when you come to Sample Surry, Sample Pro Shop and Old.

Are your shops open?

Yes, see footer down below for up to date opening hours across Sample Surry Hills, Pro Shop and Old Gold.

Can I sit and dine-in?

Yes, provided that the minimum current directions from the Government are not exceeded.

Our staff will kindly let you know if and where you may sit to have coffee and food with us.

Are you serving in ‘proper’ ceramic wares for dine-in?

Yes, at Surry Hills and Old Gold. Not yet in St Peters Pro Shop, but expecting to make the shift by the end of this week.

Is your food menu the same as before?

No, it is slightly smaller so we can serve fresher products as we have a smaller dine-in volume.

Will you accept BYO cups yet?

Not yet. For the moment, we are refraining from taking BYO cups.

However, we’ve put in place a swap system using Returnr and Huskee cups. The first one is free - you can claim back the cup deposit ($6) at any time.

We encourage you to have your coffee dine-in on our ceramic cups (the lowest carbon footprint) or our new swap system cups.

Do you provide free hand sanitiser?

Yes, it’s at the bar counter in all our shops.


  • If you are feeling sick or have been in contact with someone that you know has the COVID-19, please don’t come in.
  • Please wash your hands as recommended before visiting or use the hand sanitizer in our counter.
  • No hand-shakes, hugs, high-five or fist bumps to our staff. Thanks.
  • Respect the social distancing rules: +1.5 metres from our staff or other customers.
  • Only accepting contactless payments. Thank you.
  • Use the tables and seats that we’ve designated for you to use.
  • Please take your used disposable wares and serviettes in the rubbish bins that are around the shops so our staff only has to wipe the tables.
  • Maintaining thorough and extensive cleaning standards.
  • Keeping up to date with the latest legislation/recommendations and adopting changes as required.
  • Still offering staples walk-in and pre-order.


  • If you are feeling unwell or present symptoms, please contact Reuben or John and don’t come in.
  • If you have been in contact with someone that is currently being tested or has tested positive, notify immediately and please don’t come in.
  • Place antibacterial gel next to POS for free customer self-serving. Make sure there is enough and an extra one in storage.
  • Politely inform customers that we are not accepting keepcups but instead we have a swap system (Returnr is free, they can get the $6 dollar deposit back but the lid is not returnable. Every item is in Kounta).
  • Politely inform customers that they need to space around and wait outside if there are 10 ppl dining in.
  • Wash hands often and after touching any external object like food packaging, door handle, light switch…
  • Water glasses to be placed facing down.
  • No water vessels/bottles to be made available. Serve only individual full water glasses when the customers ask.
  • Wipe tables and seats with a cleaning product often.
  • Wipe pastry display and POS area as often as possible.
  • Thoroughly clean after each shift (using product) each of the next items: all bar surfaces, tables, seats, taps, door handles, coffee machine equipment.
  • Don’t be afraid to educate/call on a mate that is not following any of these important guidelines, and also don’t take it personally if somebody calls on you. This is about protecting all of us.
  • Open and as above.
  • Allow for sitting in the tables around the Pro Shop: office and Inartisan corridors, outdoors and 2 side tables in the church.
  • There are 2 rubbish bins to place next to the street and Inartisan entry for customers to throw their waste.
  • Clear the swap bucket station often so it looks nice and clean. Generally lives in the front bar, next to the lids.
  • Still not serving in ceramic wares - starting to do it on Saturday 30th May.
  • Open and as above.
  • Place tables and seats as normal.
  • Serving in ceramic wares.
  • Offering swap-system cups.
  • Open and as above.
  • Place tables and seats as normal.
  • Serving in ceramic wares.
  • Offering swap-system cups.
  • Clean keyboards (roaster and computer) and mouse with an appropriate product after every roast day.
  • Clean boxing-tape device after every packing day.
  • All samples and production cuppings to be set up so each staff member has their own individual equipment, brews and spoon-dipping water container; (in other words, there is no shared equipment or liquids). Alternatively, follow SCA Modified protocol as per link below.
  • No cupping guests for now.
  • After each use of the delivery vehicle, clean and disinfect wheel and other parts touched by driver.

We thank you for your understanding and sorry if this causes any inconvenience to you. We hope you understand that all we are doing is to keep our community and economy safe and healthy.

Thanks for supporting us all through these times. We look forward to coming back to normal business as soon as possible.

Much love from all the Sample crew.


Article: Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now by Tomas Pueyo.

Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles for COVID-19 by Australian Government Department of Health.

Tips for small businesses to prepare for Covid-19 by CPA Australia.

WHO pamphlet describing best practice for hand-washing.

SCA Modified Cupping Protocol Sheet (ready to print) by SCA in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Coronavirus Specialty Coffee Support Group on Facebook.