Coronavirus Outbreak Response

Latest update 15 November 2021 11.00h.
Please send any comments, questions or updates at Link to printing materials (staff only)

We’re ready (and can’t wait) for you to hang out with us from today, Monday the 11th, onwards!

It’s been a long ride, but we’re feeling good about the times ahead. We miss the old buzz in our cafes and are keen to have it back, slowly but surely. So from Monday 11th October, Surry Hills, St Peters and Old Gold shops will be ready for you to sit down, have an espresso in a ceramic cup, a sandwich or whatever else you used to do “back in the day”.

Of course, the ever-changing covid etiquette still applies whether you’re taking away or dining in. For now, we appreciate your help in making it easy for our staff if you always (please):

  • Sign in using the “Service NSW” App using the QR codes all around the cafes.
  • Have your vaccination certificate (or exemption) ready to show.
  • Keep your distance from others, be mindful of everyone’s space.
  • Have a good time and be nice as we all get back into the swing of things.

We’re feeling enthusiastic, cautious, optimistic, half-anxious, joyful… 🤯

Please come on in, sit down, take a sip, and pass it on.

We’re a COVID Safe business


  • If you are feeling sick or have been in contact with someone that has had COVID-19 (or is awaiting results) please don’t come in and get tested.
  • Whether you’re coming to get takeaway or dine-in, you must check-in using the Service NSW App. You can use any of the QR codes available all around the shop, or access directly via Please show the green tick to our staff.
  • If you’re sitting down for drinks/food, you must show proof of double vaccination to our staff (or exemption). Under 16 years of age are exempt.
  • Everyone must wear a mask at all times unless legal exemptions apply, and unless drinking or eating.
  • Respect capacity limits and social distancing (+1.5m). If it’s looking busy, please wait outside.
  • Please do not congregate outside and do not block the entry doors.




  • If you are feeling unwell and present symptoms, please contact Reuben or John, don’t come in and go get tested immediately.
  • If you have been in contact with someone that is currently being tested or has tested positive, notify immediately and please don’t come in.
  • Staff must be fully vaccinated to work with us.
  • Managers for each shop must be familiar with the COVID Safety Plan (LINK ABOVE).
  • Ensure there is enough hand sanitiser, masks and gloves for staff use.
  • If there is something we’re missing or could do better, please just say. Sometimes we may miss some details. Your input is necessary and very much appreciated.
  • Don’t be afraid to rectify a mate that is not following any of these critical guidelines, and also don’t take it personally if somebody calls on you. This is about protecting all of us and the business.


  • Politely inform customers that they need to space around and wait outside if capacity is exceeded.


  • Reusables accepted.
  • Cash accepted, but contactless payments are preferred.


  • Dine-in is available at the current capacity limits.
  • Ensure all doors and windows are open at all times, even on cold/rainy/windy days Ventilation is very important.
  • Ensure any floor markers are in place and visible.
  • Ensure different tables and seats are +1.5m between each other.
  • Ensure there is a printed version of the latest COVID Safety Plan in the shop.
  • Display QR code to check-in in the bar and on top of each table.
  • Check the green tick after every customer has signed in (and if they can’t, you can sign them in via
  • Check for a valid vaccination certificate for dine-in customers before serving, the best way you can. For digital certificates, ask for the integrated Service NSW check, with the hologram and current date.
  • Place hand sanitiser next to POS for free customer self-serving. Make sure there is enough and an extra one in storage.
  • Water glasses to be placed facing down.


  • Wash hands often and after touching any external object like food packaging, door handle, light switch, menus…
  • Wipe tables and seats with a cleaning product often, at the very least after each service.
  • Wipe pastry display and POS area as often as possible.
  • Thoroughly clean every surface at the end of each shift: all bar surfaces, tables, seats, taps, door handles, coffee machine equipment.


  • Take away only.
  • Manager: Rowan/John/Billy
  • Garage 50sqm (MAX 25ppl) Cafe: 96.5sqm (MAX 48ppl) Stairs: 47.4sqm (MAX 22ppl)


  • Take away only.
  • Manager: Sam Surry Hills cafe: 20sqm (MAX 10ppl) Outdoor seating designated area: Unrestricted


  • Take away only.
  • Manager: Shea
  • Cafe area: 73.4sqm (MAX 36ppl) Outdoor seating designated area: Unrestricted


  • Clean keyboards (roaster and computer) and mouse, and other surfaces with an appropriate product often.
  • All samples and production cuppings to follow SCA Modified protocol as per the link below.
  • No cupping guests for now.
  • Provide hand sanitiser and masks in the delivery van.