Coronavirus Outbreak Response

Latest update 19th October 2020 13.30h.
Please send any comments, questions or updates at Direct link to info for staff

After a period of relative stability, we are following up closely the rise COVID-19 community transmissions in Sydney. We keep alert and working to ensure our spaces are safe, prepared for any possible scenario.

All our three shops are open and operating under certain conditions as outlined below. We are taking things seriously as we did from March, putting the wellbeing of our staff, customers and the broader community above all.

By now, pretty much everyone recognises the seriousness of this situation and accepts any limitations to our ‘normal’ service. In any case, again, sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for your continuous support. We’ll get through this together, without missing out in our morning cup coffee.

PS: All our businesses are registered as COVID Safe. Our plan is available for your consult.

We’re a COVID Safe business


  • If you are feeling sick or have been in contact with someone that has had COVID-19, or is awaiting results, please don’t come in.
  • Please follow the latest recommendations of NSW Government on how to protect yourself and others.
  • Please wash your hands as recommended before visiting or use the hand sanitiser we provide in our counters.
  • No hand-shakes, hugs, high-five or fist bumps to our staff. Thanks.
  • Respect the social distancing rules: +1.5 metres from our staff and other customers.
  • Use the tables and seats that we’ve designated for you to use. If the venue is full, please wait outside.
  • Please check-in when you dine-in at any of our shops.
  • We respect if you want to wear a facemask. Please do respect our staff as well if they wish to wear a mask during service.





  • If you are feeling unwell and present symptoms, please contact Reuben or John, don’t come in and go get tested immediately.
  • If you have been in contact recently with someone that is currently being tested or has tested positive, notify immediately and please don’t come in.
  • Don’t be afraid to educate/call on a mate that is not following any of these critical guidelines, and also don’t take it personally if somebody calls on you. This is about protecting all of us.
  • Designated Safety & Hygiene Marshalls for each shop must be familiar with the COVID Safety Plan (LINK ABOVE) and wear our badge sticker (LINK ABOVE).
  • Ensure there is enough hand sanitiser, masks and gloves for staff use.


  • Politely inform customers that they need to space around and wait outside if capacity is exceeded.
  • Ensure every dine-in customer, visitor or external service that stays for over 15 minutes checks in via QR code, or pen & paper list (LINK ABOVE). Ensure each daily sheet gets scanned and recorded daily.
  • After each day, scan or take a photo of the day’s list and send it to our internal record address.


  • Not cash accepted TBA.
  • Only serving takeaway in swap and single-use containers.


  • Ensure all doors are open as much as possible.
  • Ensure the floor markers are in place and visible.
  • Ensure different tables and seats are +1.5m between each other.
  • Ensure there is a printed version of the latest COVID Safety Plan in the shop.
  • Display QR code to check-in in the bar and on top of each table (LINK ABOVE TO INFO CARD).
  • Place hand sanitiser next to POS for free customer self-serving. Make sure there is enough and an extra one in storage.
  • Ensure paper menus are disposed of after each use or within a plastic lining that gets wiped after each customer use.
  • Water glasses to be placed facing down.


  • Wash hands often and after touching any external object like food packaging, door handle, light switch…
  • Use gloves when cleaning and retrieving used wares. Wash hands after it.
  • Wipe tables and seats with a cleaning product often, at the very least after each service.
  • Wipe pastry display and POS area as often as possible.
  • Thoroughly clean every surface at the end of each shift: all bar surfaces, tables, seats, taps, door handles, coffee machine equipment.


  • Limited capacity: 24ppl in shop, 12 in garage area, 10 in stairs corridor. Max 10ppl per table.
  • There are 2 rubbish bins to place next to the street and Inartisan entry for customers to throw their waste.
  • Clear the swap bucket station often so it looks nice and clean. Generally lives in the front bar, next to the lids.
  • Marshall: Billy (John on Fridays)


  • Limited capacity: 4ppl inside
  • Marshall: Dave


  • Limited capacity: 13ppl in shop area, max 10ppl in large table
  • Marshall: Shea


  • Clean keyboards (roaster and computer) and mouse, and other surfaces with an appropriate product often.
  • All samples and production cuppings to follow SCA Modified protocol as per link below.
  • No cupping guests for now.
  • Provide hand sanitiser and masks in the delivery van.

Health Expert Statement Addressing Safety of Reusables and COVID-19, reinforcing the message of “systems in which there is no contact between the customer’s reusable cup […] and retail surface areas can protect workers and provide a precautionary approach to addressing COVID-19 transmission”.

Staff information and training on COVID-19, including when to get tested, physical distancing and cleaning, and sick leave entitlements.

Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles for COVID-19 by Australian Government Department of Health.

Tips for small businesses to prepare for Covid-19 by CPA Australia.

WHO pamphlet describing best practice for hand-washing.

SCA Modified Cupping Protocol Sheet (ready to print) by SCA in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Coronavirus Specialty Coffee Support Group on Facebook.