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How to brew Cold Brew Coffee

Cold coffee, made even easier

Cold brew coffee is hands-down the easiest way to make cold coffee: and you don’t need any fancy gear.

All you’ll need is a large jar, jug or container that’s easy to pour your cold brew out of once its finished brewing.

If you’re using Toddy Cold Brew gear or Hario’s Mizudashi cold brew pot, you can skip the manual filtering in step five, and just use the built-in filter.

Method for 1 Litrefor 3 Litres

  1. Get your gear ready.

    You’ll need a container for brewing that’s a bit larger than the amount of coffee you want to end up with, and a way to filter the liquid once you’re done.

  2. Grind 80g coffee (for 1 litre) or 240g coffee (for 3 litres).

    The grind should be similar to grinding for pour-over or filter, about the same as coarse sand.

  3. Combine coffee and 1 litre or 3 litres water, and mix.

    Give it a good stir so all the coffee is wet.

  4. Wait.

    We leave our cold brew for 8-11 hours. Experiment and find the length you prefer.

  5. Filter out the grounds.

    If you’ve got a Chemex or Hario V60 filter, pour the liquid through that to filter our the grounds (don’t forget to rinse it with boiling water beforehand). Pour slowly, and replace the filter paper if it gets too full.

  6. Add ice, and enjoy!

    Store your cold brew in a bottle in the fridge. It’ll keep for 5-10 days depending on the freshness of the beans.

Scale it up or down

This cold brew coffee recipe scales up and down easily, as long as you stick with the ratio of 8:100 of coffee to water. But no matter how much you’re brewing, the wait time is the same, around 8-12 hours.

Want to add milk to your cold brew?

That works too! Top up your brew with a little milk. Adding milk changes the flavour and dulls a lot of the flavour in filter-roasted beans, so we recommend using an espresso blend (like Pacemaker) if you’re adding milk.

Never drink weak cold brew again

Do you like sipping your cold brew till the ice melts, but don’t like diluted cold brew? Make a tray of ice blocks using cold brew, and you’re all set.

Start exploring

Cold brew is also perfect to start combining to make other drinks and cocktails. Try it with tonic water or cocktails.

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