Do you own a cafe, restaurant or business? Do you want to serve a coffee you can be proud of—delicious, consistent, without cutting corners?

If that’s the case, we’re glad you’re here because we’re on the same page and can help you achieve it. We offer the highest quality coffee at a fair and competitive price—plus brewing gear, training, technical support and everything you need to deliver a coffee experience that keeps staff, customers and owners excited.

Our coffee offerings feature rotating single origins, two house blends (Pacemaker and Sweet Tooth) and a decaf. Wholesale orders are roasted on demand weekly, using our Loring Kestrel S35 and following medium-light profiles that bring out the best of each lot.

And while delivering the best coffee is our priority, we’re here for more than the bottom line. Since we started in 2011, we’ve grown a generous culture around our brand, sourcing only traceable coffees and using our business to give back. We’re a certified B Corporation, 100% GreenPower and a member of World Coffee Research.

Keen to work together? Sweet. So are we.

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Part of the team on the last 2022 Christmas Party.

  • Loring Coffee Roaster at the Sample Coffee Roastery in St Peters, Sydney

  • Loring Coffee Roaster at the Sample Coffee Roastery in St Peters, Sydney

Loring Coffee Roaster at the Sample Coffee Roastery in St Peters, Sydney

Who we work with

We surround ourselves with people that—like us—believe in the power of coffee to build connections and create meaningful moments. In other words, those who appreciate the effort and values behind an excellent product.

Here are some lovely people/venues serving our coffee:

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Check out our latest Annual Report, where we gather milestones and metrics about our business, coffee and impact during the previous Financial Year (or head to our responsibility page to see the previous years’ and learn more about what we do beyond roasting).

Bonus track

Chef Dan Puskas, from Sixpenny, discusses service and product quality with Sample’s founder Reuben Mardan: