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Choose between our showcase single origin coffee or one of two custom espresso blends, and get them delivered anywhere in Australia every two or four weeks.

No up-front costs, no long-term commitment: just pay as you go. You’re free to pause, switch coffee, amount or how often it arrives, or cancel at any time.

Always have delicious coffee on hand, without leaving the house.

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Brew Crew featured coffee with postcard

Our best single origins, for black coffee drinkers

We roast a new coffee from a different farm with each delivery, showcasing their unique flavours, and story on the included postcard. It’s your chance to discover new coffees before they’re in our cafes.

Pacemaker espresso blend bag

An espresso blend for milk coffee

Created to suit milk coffees like flat whites and lattes, Pacemaker is the seasonal espresso blend we use in our cafes. It’s sweet tasting, has lots of body, and goes perfectly with milk.

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Andrew Smith

“My wife and I love good coffee and really enjoy the coffee and different aromas that fill the house after each coffee delivery”

Andrew Joined April 2015
Steve Gilles

“I always have coffee on hand and I’m learning a lot. A year ago I couldn’t have said my favourite beans are usually from Ethiopia, and I didn’t know how to make cold brew (or even that it was a thing).”

Steve Joined January 2015
Chris Wright

“I love getting a different coffee to try every few weeks that I know is going to be good and has a decent story behind it.”

Chris Joined April 2015

Brew better coffee

Sample Coffee’s Brew Crew is made up of people who love brewing coffee and sharing what they know.

Brew guides from our baristas will get you started with recipes and tips, and answers to any of your questions are just an email away.

All guides and recipes

Explore a world of new coffee

Choose Brew Crew deliveries option to receive coffee from a different farm with each delivery.

You’ll discover the unique flavours of different parts of the world as we follow the seasonal coffee harvest, and learn about each country’s history of coffee growing.

Our latest single origin coffees:

Roasted by experts

Ethically sourced from farms across the world, our coffee is roasted on a restored 60 year-old Probat Roaster by our team at the Sample Coffee Pro Shop in Sydney’s Inner-West.

Our Brew Crew coffees are light roast and best enjoyed as black coffee, while our Pacemaker blend is designed to taste sweet and have plenty of body when served with milk.

We roast coffee for delivery every two weeks and post orders the same day, so you’ll have the coffee at your door as soon as possible.

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