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Pacemaker blend

Flavours of dark chocolate cherry ripe
Full bodied with low acidity

Pacemaker is our house blend, sweet with lots of body and created to suit milk coffee. Served black it has flavours of dark chocolate, and cherry ripe. Served with milk there are notes of malteser, cherry, and vanilla. Current ...
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Cherry Picker blend

Flavours of port, cherry sweetness, black tea
Medium bodied with balanced acidity

An espresso drinker’s best friend. Cherry Picker is an espresso blend roasted to highlight the great natural sweetness and light floral notes of the Honduran Rafael Ramirez and Colombian La Carolina. This coffee is rich, sweet, and...
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Colombia Omar Herrera Soto

Delivered on April 10, 2017

From Guadalupe, Huila

Flavours of rosehip, candied orange, honey
Medium bodied with low acidity

Omar Herrera Soto has been working in coffee for 15 years. 12 years ago his wife inherited this farm called Divino Niño, and has invested time and energy on improving its quality to move into specialty coffee. Omar and Family ...
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