Coffee atlas: Ecuador

For a long time most of Ecuador’s coffee production was for commodity grade export or the production of soluble coffees (freeze dried coffee). Only in the last few years has the potential of the country’s coffee production been really explored. We’re very excited about the potential Ecuador and have some truly exceptional coffees

A northern border with Colombia and southern with Peru means Ecuador shares an ideal climate and geography for high quality coffee production. The country’s elevation ranges from sea level all the way up to over 2,000 meters, which represents a great level of variance of both terrain and climate. These factors combined with the environmental challenges associated with Ecuador’s location on the Equator provide a unique set of challenges. The few coffees we have received from Ecuador have been of exceptional quality and we’re excited to continue working with Ecuadorian producers.

Coffee regions in Ecuador:

El Oro

South-West coastal region boasting all the conditions required to grow great coffee - altitude, climate, rainfall


Mountainous southern region with conditions suited perfectly to high quality coffee production

Zamora Chinchipe

The region sits east of Loja with high rates of organic production

Coffees from Ecuador: