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Los Planes

Bracaromos Auction #1

This delicious washed process Typica was the #1 rated coffee at the local Bracaromos auction. We taste fresh plum, cacao, and violet

Body     Acidity

Roasted omni for filter and espresso

Irma Tocto owns a 10-hectare farm called Los Planes, a farm of around 6,000 coffee trees.

This coffee was the number 1 rated lot in the locally hosted Bracaromos auction, held between two fair trade organic cooperatives in an effort to highlight the potential return and benefit of high-quality microlots, while showcasing the producers of the cooperatives.

For a long time, most of Ecuador’s coffee production was for commodity-grade export or the production of freeze-dried coffee–it’s only recently that the potential of the country’s coffee production has been really explored.

A northern border with Colombia and a southern with Peru means Ecuador shares an ideal climate and geography for high-quality coffee production. The country’s elevation ranges from sea level all the way up to over 2,000 meters, which represents a great level of variance in both terrain and climate.

The lot was picked ripe and depulped the same day, before being fermented underwater for 17 hours and then set to dry on raised beds for 15 days.


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Irma Tocto




Palanda, Zamora Sur


1450m above sea level







Tasting notes

Plum, cacao, peach flower

Roast style


Map showing location of Ecuador Los Planes Bracaromos Auction #1


Typica varietal

Considered to be one of the ‘genus’ varietals from which all other varietals have mutated from

The location

Coffee from Ecuador

For a long time most of Ecuador’s coffee production was for commodity grade export or the production of soluble coffees (freeze dried coffee). Only in the last few years has the potential of the country’s coffee production been really explored. We’re very excited about the potential Ecuador and have some truly exceptional coffees

The Zamora Chinchipe region of Ecuador

The region sits east of Loja with high rates of organic production

Farm processes

Washed process

Machines are used to remove the flesh from the coffee cherry before being fermented in water, washed again, and finally sun dried. This process tends to result in more distinct, cleaner flavours.

Coffee delivery: coffee in resealable bag and farm information card

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