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How to brew Espresso (single origin)

Rowan Grover A brew guide by Rowan Grover

How to make a delicious single origin espresso at home

Creamy, fragrant and intense. Espresso is possibly the most popular way of drinking coffee around us, whether that is with milk or as ‘cafe solo’. Today, there are so many options to brew cafe-quality espressos at home; here is our very own recipe especially designed for our single origins.

We’ve also got a brew guide for making espresso with our blends.

Stuff you should know

  1. If you are a newbie in the world of espresso, you may want to be familiar with the concepts of dose, yield and time. These are the parameters we play with to achieve the espresso we dream of.

  2. Like with other methods, measuring weights and time is essential for understanding our brewing process and its outcomes. That’s why having scales and a timer are basic tools to get started on your journey to a great, consistent coffee. We’ll be definitely using them in this method.

  3. As always, the best results will be achieved with freshly ground coffee. Each home grinder is different; we suggest you play around and test until you find the perfect one.

  4. We roast our single origins to be brewed both as filter and as espresso; this style of roasting is called ‘omniroast’.


  1. Grind 20 grams (the dose) of coffee beans and place them into your basket.

    Some home coffee machine baskets don’t take this amount. If this is your case, you can start with what fits most comfortable in your basket and take note of the dose’s net weight.

  2. Distribute into an even surface and tamper.

    When you tamp the coffee into the basket, never do it too hard, or you will likely press it down irregularly. Push it down until you feel a natural resistance.

  3. Place the portafilter in the group head and start the shot. We aim for 60-65 grams of espresso coffee out (yield) during 26-30 seconds (time).

    With a shorter time, you’ll generally achieve a higher acidity. With a longer time, you’ll get more body.

    If your dose was different from our recipe, now is the time to use the dose value you noted and do some calculations. Our general recommendation is a dose:yield ratio of 1:3 for single origin. For example, if your noted dose is 19g, the target yield will be 57g.

    If it extracts much faster than that time and tastes sour and salty, grind the coffee finer. If it takes much longer than this and tastes ashy and rough, coarsen the grind up.

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