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Dani Valent chats with Reuben about his background and how Sample came about:

Dan Puskas (Sixpenny) chats with Reuben about why he chose Sample Coffee:

The Global Coffee Festival 2020 gives a quick tour around Sydney and, of course, stops at the Pro Shop:

Articles & Interviews

  • Prospa Marketing during COVID

    Prospa asks Reuben about our marketing strategy during COVID-19, November 2020
  • Time Out Features Sample Staples

    Time Out Features Sample Staples, April 2020
  • Concrete Playground features Brew Crew coffee subscription

    Concrete Playground lists the best Australian online coffee subscriptions, April 2020
  • Coronavirus B Corporation Article Cover

    Best Practices: Certified B Corporationsā„¢ and COVID-19, March 2020
  • Broadsheet Old Gold article cover

    Broadsheet x Old Gold, March 2020
  • Gourmet Traveller cover

    Gourmet Traveller, Dec 2019
  • Inside Out Article

    John Kaye speaks about making coffee at home at Inside Out, September 2019
  • Nichigo Press cover

    Nichigo Press, Jun 2019
  • Urban Village

    Urban Village: Sample Coffee’s Move To Transparency, March 2019
  • The Upsider cover

    Upsider interviews Reuben Mardan, December 2018
  • Reuben Mardan posing next to a coffee roaster

    Interview to Reuben Mardan - winner of 2018 CRS Roaster Smackdown, July 2018
  • Broadsheet Pro Shop article cover

    Broadsheet x Sample Coffee Pro Shop, March 2015
  • Sam Baygrave, interview about third wave coffee with Reuben

    Sam Baygrave chats Reuben about third wave coffee, September 2014
  • Good Food Article

    Good Food Awards 2014: Reuben Mardan gets the “Best Barista” Award, June 2014
  • Broadsheet Black Saturdays cover

    Broadsheet x Sample Coffee Black Saturdays, October 2012
  • Broadsheet Sample Coffee Surry Hills

    Broadsheet x Sample Coffee Surry Hills, December 2011


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