From little things

Sample Coffee is a deliberately small business that believes in the power of little things making a big impact.

We believe from little things, big things grow. This means being present, paying attention to the small details whether sourcing and roasting new beans, supporting our suppliers or serving up brews for the people.

By thinking small and supporting the likeminded people in our community, we can build real, long-term relationships with the companies, customers and staff who enjoy our coffee.

We do this by slowing down, creating small moments of joy and always passing it on.

We source, roast, brew and serve the coffee you (and we) dream of drinking every single day

We are here to find coffees from different regions of the world that bring variety and excitement to our shelves just so you feel like a kid in a candy store. But we don’t do this by any means. Our mission is to offer exceptional and affordable coffees that are produced through respectful environmental and social practices.

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We create the time and space to build strong relationships

We aim to build long-lasting and genuine relationships with like-minded producers, suppliers, staff and customers. We want our spaces to be a place where anybody feels welcome, being a chance to slow down, connect and enjoy.

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We continue to learn and share our knowledge

Drinking a great coffee is one of the best feelings in the world, and we believe anybody can make it with the right tools and skills. Through our brew guides, workshops and events, we pass on our experience to industry mates and home-brewers, so everybody can experience this sensation.

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We love what we do

We make the coffees that make us excited to get up every next morning, and that translates into a team that takes their job seriously and brings good vibes daily.

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Sample Coffee’s Manifesto

We celebrate the underdog.
We find the positive.
We recognise the next ‘hold’ may not be the most obvious.
We use the word ‘we’.
We celebrate the journey as much as the outcome.
We leave no trace, whether in a customer’s venue or breaking camp.
We give first and take only what we need.
We’re always there to ‘belay’ our mates.
We’re generous with our time, our knowledge and our beans.
When we have the opportunity to add value, we pass it on.

Still want to know more about Sample Coffee and the team? Head to our Media & Press page for interviews, articles and videos about us and our team. Alternatively, check out our Journal.