From little things…

When we think about tomorrow’s cup of coffee, we feel as thrilled as a kid before a school trip. It’s a simple ritual that brings joy, discovery and connection, made possible by a complex network of artisans around the globe.

At Sample Coffee, our mission is to create a coffee experience that is always exciting for anyone who drinks it and is kind to everyone who makes it possible.

How? Being present, paying attention to the small details, nurturing connections and, of course, having fun. From little things…

Sample Coffee Surry Hills tree and espresso bar.

What we do

We are an independent coffee roasting company based in Gadigal Country/Sydney, Australia.

We supply high-quality, consistent and transparent beans to wholesale and retail customers worldwide (online and through our cafes). We also work with surrounding coffee: gear, education, catering and more.

Part of the team on the last 2022 Christmas Party.

Our approach

We source, roast, brew and serve the coffees we dream of drinking every single day

We work with trusted importing partners to source delicious and exciting green coffee. We roast it to highlight the natural features and different nuances in every lot. We brew it in a way that respects and amplifies all the efforts made until that point.

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We care about the journey as much as the outcome

While we strive for the highest quality coffee, we won’t cut corners to achieve this. We want our work to be a source of positive impact for everyone involved, direct and indirectly, so social and environmental outcomes matter as much as the cupping score.

Learn about our ethics and actions.

We continue to learn and share our knowledge

We take the time to communicate everything we know about coffee, and we love using our platforms to communicate our progress, inspire action and start thoughtful conversations.

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We have a good time

We love doing what we do, which translates into a team of staff and wholesale partners that sparks joy, connection and respect for the coffee culture and community.

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Sample Coffee Manifesto

We use the word ‘we’.
We find the positive.
We’re always there to belay our mates.
We celebrate the underdog.
We recognise the next hold may not be the most obvious.
We celebrate the journey as much as the outcome.
We leave no trace, whether in a customer’s venue or campsite.
We give first and take only what we need.
We’re generous with our time, our knowledge and our beans.
When we have the opportunity to add value, we pass it on.