Cesar Andagoya

One of our latest stunning lots from Ecuador. Hailing from the Pichincha region, this coffee expertly balances acidity and body to create a clean, juicy cup. We’re finding notes of vanilla, rhubarb, and red apple.

Body     Acidity

Finca San Pedro

In the northern canton of Quito lies the small town of Pacto, where Cesar Andagoya owns and operates his farm, San Pedro, in the rural area. Here, he resides with his wife Rosa Elena and their two daughters. The farm takes its name from a nearby creek of the same name.

Cesar Andagoya with a warm smile and his harvest

Career shift

Prior to venturing into coffee, Cesar worked in the timber industry, but faced challenges that led to the loss of his job. During this period, he discovered neglected coffee trees belonging to his mother and decided to take charge of them. This marked the beginning of his coffee journey in 2018.

Initially, the coffee venture was tough due to low prices, posing financial difficulties. However, in 2018, Cesar shifted his focus to specialty coffee, a decision that proved fruitful for both him and the farm. Since then, he has managed to support his daughters’ education and has enhanced farm management practices in pursuit of higher quality.

One significant improvement was effectively managing shade, resulting in increased coffee production. Starting in coffee turned out to be a pivotal decision for Cesar. With his accumulated expertise, he now gives back to the community by educating younger generations on specialty coffee production.


Cesar begins the coffee production process by meticulously hand-picking only the ripest cherries, which are then transported to the wet mill on the farm. There, the cherries undergo flotation to remove defective ones that float. Following this, they are pulped and left to ferment in water for 24 hours. After fermentation, the beans are washed and transferred to covered raised beds, where they dry for 26 to 30 days until they reach the optimal moisture content.


All the images and information about this coffee and its producers have been kindly shared by the importer, Caravela, and edited by us, Sample Coffee (unless linked to or credited otherwise).

Resting beans inside the sealed bag helps develop peak flavours and acidity

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To brew on espresso, we recommend using 20g of beans (dose) to get 60g of espresso out (yield), during 24-28 seconds.

g dose
g yield
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To brew in infusion/fed brewers (V60, Chemex) use a ratio of 1:16.7 ratio of beans:water.

g beans
g water
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To brew in immersion brewers (plunger, AeroPress, Kalita, batch brewer) we recommend using a 1:14.3 ratio of beans:water

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To brew as cold brew we recommend using a 1:12 ratio of beans:water

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Cesar Andagoya


Finca San Pedro






1392m above sea level


Caturra, Typica




June 2023



Tasting notes

Vanilla, plum, red apple

Roast style



Caturra varietal

Caturra is a natural mutation of Bourbon that was originally discovered in Brazil in 1937, considered to be the first naturally occurring mutation ever discovered.

Typica varietal

Considered to be one of the ‘genus’ varietals from which all other varietals have mutated from

The location

Coffee from Ecuador

For a long time most of Ecuador’s coffee production was for commodity grade export or the production of soluble coffees (freeze dried coffee). Only in the last few years has the potential of the country’s coffee production been really explored. We’re very excited about the potential Ecuador and have some truly exceptional coffees

Farm processes

Washed process

Machines are used to remove the flesh from the coffee cherry before being fermented in water, washed again, and finally sun dried. This process tends to result in more distinct, cleaner flavours.

Coffee delivery: coffee in resealable bag and farm information card

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