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How to brew Chemex

Brew pour-over coffee for one or a crowd

Designed in 1941 and still going strong today, the Chemex is one of the best ways to make and serve several cups of filter coffee at once.

There are two types of Chemex filter papers: bleached and unbleached; depending on your taste you’ll probably like one more than the other (we prefer bleached). For 3 cup brewers, they also come flat and need to be folded before use.

Method for 3 cup for 6 cup

  1. Fold the filter paper, and put it into your Chemex with the thicker side toward the spout. Put filter paper into your Chemex with the thicker side toward the spout.

    It’s best to put the thicker side of the filter across the spout so the paper won’t tear.

  2. Rinse the paper with hot water, then discard the water and don’t forget to give it a second use!

    Rinsing gets rid of the paper taste, and also pre-warms the Chemex brewer.

    To discard the water, gently tip the Chemex to pour the water out the spout.

    It’s a good idea to warm your cups with some hot water too.

  3. Grind 25g (for 3 Cup Chemex) 44g (for 6 Cup Chemex) of coffee and place it in the filter.

    Gently tap the Chemex on the bench to settle the grounds into a flat bed.

  4. Gently pour in 40g (for 3 Cup Chemex) 80g (for 6 Cup Chemex) water, just off the boil.

    It helps to pour the water in a circular pattern from the outside of the filter towards the centre.

  5. Stir to make sure all the grounds are wet, and wait 30 seconds.

    This initial wait is called the bloom and gives time for the gasses trapped in the coffee to escape.

  6. Pour the remaining water in three batches of 120g (for 3 Cup Chemex) 240g (for 6 Cup Chemex) using a circular motion, until you’ve poured a total of 400g (for 3 Cup Chemex) 800g (for 6 Cup Chemex) including the bloom.

    Pour each batch of water in slowly, trying not to disturb the coffee grounds too much.

  7. Once brew is complete, lift out the filter paper, swirl the Chemex to mix the coffee, and enjoy!

    A gentle swirl helps mix and aerate the brew.

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