Release notes: January-March 2024

As 2024 settles in –and we make the most of April, month of long weekends– here’s what we’ve been up to since we last updated you in September.

Laptop showing Sample Coffee website, sitting on a table next to a speckled ceramic mug with coffee

We’re not going to lie: the end of last year was a bit hectic. So there’s a couple of things from last year in here, too.

Image of the new dashboard displayed on a mobile phone, and laptop

Everything in one place: the new dashboard

As we’ve added more features to your subscription, it got harder to find some things. So now there’s one page that collects everything you need: the new dashboard.

It’ll show you your next subscription delivery date, alongside the last few deliveries (and the recommended brew window for each).

Bundled some filter papers or clearer in the past, and need some more? The dashboard shows your most recently bundled items, with one-tap access to re-add them. Plus it’ll show some other supplies, and one-off bags of coffee available to bundle.

Lastly, quick access to your tax statement, delivery address, and payment details.

Photo of a hand holding a new postcard, showcasing the Pink Bourbon coffee from Marco Fidel Rodriguez

New Brew Crew and Brew Crew Very Special postcards

Trying to sync up changes across all our packaging and materials is a slog, but it’s been good to get this out in the wild.

With the change in our packaging to compostable bags, they’re also a bit wider now, so we’ve updated our postcards to be landscape so they sit better in the box on top of the coffee, and so the photos of origin we showcase are more predictable to work with.

And as a bonus, the origin postcards now have the same QR code magic as our bag labels, so you can scan either to read more about the coffee and know what dates we think it’ll taste its best. Ta-da!

Photo of a hand holding a new postcard, showcasing the Pink Bourbon coffee from Marco Fidel Rodriguez

The season for gifting

This one snuck out before Christmas: there’s now an option to include a greeting card and gift message when you place an order online. It’s on the main cart page, so you can use it before paying with Apple and Google Pay if that’s how you roll pay.

There’s a few more things brewing but not quite ready, so hold tight for more updates over the next couple of months!

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