The Great Roasters’ Charity Ball 2020

The party

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We’re far from @celestebarber or @rogerfederer, but all together we’ve managed to raise the pretty number of $3033 while having a Ball! We had sooooo much fun last Saturday at The Great Roaster’s Charity Ball final event. Thanks to our amazing staff we managed to transform the Pro Shop into a party floor after one of the most hectic service days of our history — courtesy of @jungle_collective indoor plant madness. Congrats to the winners @thecoffeeklein and @tulikeidar1, second winners @ben1953lovemygrsndkidsandlovem and @kristymujana, and really ALL the participating roasters for having a go at the Barth. They played with the unknown and got out of the comfort roasting zone. Respect. Thanks to all the sponsors @condesa_co_lab @caravelacoffee @westobjectsworkshop @aisle6ix @willietheboatman @lamarzoccoau @icklecoffee @samecup for giving your bit and facilitating all the donations. Thanks to the judges and MCs for your time, creativity and kindness. And thanks to everyone who came to the party and purchased anything to support the event and the cause — onsite or online. It was so much fun and we can’t wait till the next one. There are still a few ☕️☕️☕️ bags of single origins and Allstar blend left, INCLUDING THE WINNING ONES! We’ve also added 2 x 1kg bags of Colombian roasted by Reuben 🎾 in the demo during the event, and 4 t-shirts t 👚 that have become available. As always, ALL PROFITS TO THE DONATION JAR (people cause @redcrossau and new trees by @cncfaus). A kind way to drink coffee roaster by locals. Only available through this week. Link to online shop in bio! Also there is some coffee at the Pro Shop shelves. At the end of this week, whatever is left we will donate to @ozharvest. THANK YOU EVERYONE! IT WAS A BALL!!! #coffee #sydney #coffeeroasters #community #together #friends #party #thatswhatthisisabout #muchlove

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The competitors

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⭐️ THE ALLSTAR BLEND ⭐️ 12 ROASTERS, 0 WASTE, 100% DONATION. This weekend, all competitors roasted 2 batches of 5kg each in the Ball. Their first choice goes for judging on Saturday and to the 250g bags already on the online shop. What happened to their second choice? We’ve mixed it all together to create the Allstar Blend. When have you had a chance to try a coffee roasted by 12 of the best characters in the Australian scene? We reckon not once. If you are raising your brow, just letting you know that we cup them all together with each competitor, and they are all refreshing, complex and drinkable. Many roasters had a hard time picking which one to put forward to the judges. We’ve have put it all in 1kg bags, and as with the rest of goodies, ALL PROFITS GO TO @redcrossau and TREES PLANTED BY @cncfaus! If you feel like tasting some crazy fun stuff and support a good cause, this is it… Link in bio. FROM LITTLE THINGS! #coffee #specialtycoffee #blend #latteart #roasters #influencers #bestof #sydney #newcastle #innerwest #coffeeroasting #community #zerowaste #aeropress #party #people Thanks @caravelacoffee @condesa_co_lab

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The tee

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🙋‍♀️ Love having a Ball, coffee and planet Earth? Book your tee by @westobjectsworkshop and @aisle6ix before Monday 3 February at 8am. We are ONLY making them to order and 100% of profits go for donation. ☝🏽 LINK IN BIO — use code ‘PICKUP’ no shipping charge and collection from Pro Shop. You can also get a 250g bag of beans, roasted by your favourite maker this weekend in the Ball. Also, ALL PROCEEDS add up to the fundraising. There is a limited amount of coffee so make sure you get one of this rarities before they’re gone. Stay tuned. Later today we’ll be announcing tomorrow’s roasting schedule so you can come and stalk 👀 🎱 your favourite team. Let’s do this. #coffeeroasting #party #specialtycoffee #innerwest #planetearth #ball #sydneycafe #slowfashion #together

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The Barth Ball is a rare coffee roaster built originally in the 1930s. There are only a few original machines left, and when Brian Hoejmark refurbished one a couple of years ago, Reuben quickly put his hand up.

Since its arrival at our warehouse, we always played with the idea of hosting a fun event around it. But we were busy running the business, and it never seemed to be a good time.

After the massive fires of 2019/20 Australian summer, we thought that the time had come. The Great Roasters’ Charity Ball competition and party would be the perfect excuse to get our local coffee community together, have a good time and raise funds towards bushfire relief.

Twelve coffee roasters tried to decipher the mysterious Barth, aiming to roast the best beans generously donated by Caravela and Condesa. All their coffees and the event’s tees (designed by Joel Cameron) were put on sale, 100% of profits going to Red Cross and Carbon Positive Australia.

On Saturday 8th February, we hosted the final party at the Pro Shop, where four judges cupped and chose the winning coffees. Competition aside, we were all there for the fun times, the music and the chats. It was great to have most of the Sydney specialty coffee community together in one spot: our home.

In the end, the event raised a total of $3,518!

We want to thank all the sponsors, competitors, judges, attendees, donors and our staff. It sure was our highlight of the year, and we can’t wait for the next one.


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