Wholesale Showcase: One Another

We’re kicking our Wholesale Showcase series off with Mitch Antman. He is one of the two co-owners of One Another, a wholesome cafe located in the leafy heart of Newtown/Erskineville that serves delectable seasonal dishes alongside (exclusively) our coffee—Pacemaker blend, La Serrania decaf and our rotating singles.

Let’s start with your personal elevator pitch. What do you say when someone asks: “What do you do for work”?
I pretend to still be an integral part of the everyday operations of One Another, which I co-own with my business spouse Louis.

Mitch (centre) and part of *One Another* at the Time Out Sydney Awards.

Louis (left) and Mitch (right) effectively conveying their Xmas opening dates. *(Photo from One Another’s socials)

Tell us a bit about One Another and how it came to be.
One Another was an absolute punishment to get open. I think I found the (potential) site in March 2015. We opened the doors almost 4 years later after lengthy delays in the redevelopment of the building we’re in. It was a pretty trying time - with both Louis and I picking up whatever work we could and pumping all our savings into the business. We laboured for our builder and good friend Paul for most of it - which is where all the nice timberwork in the cafe comes from. Other than that, we darted around any cafe/restaurant that would have us under the circumstances; including a couple of other Sample retailers: Fleetwood Macchiato and Cornersmith.

What role or place has coffee within your offering/experience? Why is it there?
Seems a little self-explanatory to me - would you go to a cafe with no coffee?

How did you first hear about Sample Coffee? What led you to serve it?
I first heard about Sample a little before the St Peters roastery/cafe was born. I’d moved around the corner (where I stayed for 9 years) - and it was on my radar for somewhere I might like to work (coming from a small amount of roasting experience). I got the job - but Reubs sent me to Surry Hills for over a year first (bastard), but then he pulled me across to St Peters and eventually slotted me into the roasting team (legend). I ended up working for Sample for about 5 or so years, I think. There was never any question about where my loyalties lay when it came to selecting a coffee supplier for One Another. Sample is the GOAT.

What do you enjoy or appreciate the most about working with us?
Mostly the lasting relationships with the team and past staff - especially the long-timers. But you also just do the best job with coffee in Sydney, I reckon, and you don’t get mad at me when I occasionally stuff up my coffee order - even though I know first-hand how annoying that can be for them on roast day!

Simon and Reuben visit *One Another* After the opening day

Simon and Reuben visit One Another After the opening day (Mitch and team at the back).

Finally, what’s your favourite coffee order?
I like to mix it up - like most baristas or coffee people. I always start the day at work with an espresso - the rest is on a case-by-case basis. At home, I am an AeroPress dude… mainly for the lack of mess and fuss. That or Moccona with half a sugar and milk… that’s lit. 😉

Cheers, Mitch!

More about One Another:
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