Wholesale Showcase: Sixpenny

Next up in our Wholesale Showcase series is a little joint in Stanmore called Sixpenny. And the small bit refers only to the size of the space because what they do inside is nothing short of outstanding. We’re not exaggerating—they’re one of the best restaurants in Australia and beyond.

We feel fortunate to be part of their dining experience with our filter coffees being served at the end of the courses. George Papaioannou, Restaurant Manager, tells us a bit about what they do and how we work together.

Dan Puskas (left, Chef) and George Papaioannou (right, Restaurant Manager) from Sixpenny.

Dan Puskas (left, Chef) and George Papaioannou (right, Restaurant Manager) from Sixpenny. (Image credit: Sixpenny’s site)

Let’s start with your personal elevator pitch. George, what do you say when someone asks: “What do you do for work”?
I work in hospitality, managing a little restaurant in Stanmore.

Tell us a bit about Sixpenny and how it came to be.
Sixpenny was founded in March 2012 and is named after the Sixpence restaurants that operated in the late 1800s in Australia. At the top end of Stanmore Village, Sixpenny is housed in a historic building on Percival Road erected in 1907.

Chefs Daniel Puskas and Anthony Schifilliti lead the kitchen in utilising local suppliers, growers, and producers to focus on creating a narrative around all things that make up Australia.

We have chosen to offer a tasting menu to all guests. We collaborate with small-scale farmers, fishermen and producers to create a progressional offering influenced by the seasons.

What role or place has coffee within your offering/experience? Why is it there?
We serve coffee as a filter style, showcasing the true expression of the origin, lot and roast. We choose single origins from either Kenya or Colombia, as they tend to be fuller in body and higher in acidity, which holds up against the seven courses of food that came before it. It is usually offered alongside our Petit Fours. Who doesn’t love a bikkie and coffee to finish?

How did you first hear about Sample Coffee? What led you to serve it?
We were looking to revamp our coffee offering from the ‘standard restaurant coffee’ to something aligned with our quality focus. We came across Sample, a specialty coffee roaster that was family-owned and independent, who, much like us, cared about the journey as much as the outcome.

What do you enjoy or appreciate the most about working with us?
Of course, the coffee, but the people are what make Sample, Sample. We have fostered a genuine relationship with like-minded individuals during our time together.

Filter coffee and the best biscuits at *Sixpenny*!

Filter coffee and the best bikkies at Sixpenny!

Finally, what’s your favourite coffee order?
Keep it simple, Flat White.

Thanks a lot, George

More about Sixpenny:
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