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Choose your favourite brewing method or grab a few.

Do you have a coffee grinder at home but are unsure whether it’s giving you the optimum grind size for your usual brewing style(s)?

Use these visual guides visually check and adjust your settings to match (or get as close to) our in-house grind sizes for:

  • Espresso
  • Stovetop (Bialetti)
  • AeroPress / Kalita / Cold Brew / Moccamaster / Plunger (French Press) / Batch
  • V60 / Chemex

Coffee not for brewing!
Please note this coffee is not for consumption; it’s just a tool for visual reference.

Individual coffee grind size testers.

Use together with our online brew guides
Once you dial in your grinder setting, check our online brew guides to nail down your brews, just the way you like it!

Disposal information
Coffee grounds: organic / home-compostable.
Packaging: plant-based materials / home-compostable (Comvac™ compostable vacuum pouch by Grounded Packaging).
Stickers: coated paper + ink / recyclable.


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