Photo of Hario V60 Dripper 1 Cup - Glass


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If there’s an iconic piece of brew gear, it has to be Hario’s V60 brewer.

It’s the most flexible of the pour-over methods, giving you more control over every aspect your brew. Add water slowly or quickly to change the flavour, or brew your V60 over ice for a Japanese style iced coffee.

Don’t forget the filters

The V60 brewer doesn’t come with any V60 1 cup filter papers, so if you need filters be sure to add them to your delivery too,

Best paired with

To give you the best control over your pour speed and water flow, we recommend using a goose-neck kettle with your V60 brewer.

For consistent brews, we suggest using scales to measure the amounts of coffee and water in your brew. For brewing with a 1 cup V60, look for scales accurate to 0.1g under 50g (to get the most accurate measurement of beans) and 0.5g up to 500g, for accuracy when pouring water. The Brewista scales are perfect, or look for jeweller scales.


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