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How to brew Moccamaster

The simplest way to batch brew hot filter coffee

The Moccamaster is a great way to brew larger batches of filter coffee, easily making up to 10 cups at a time.

Plus, it’s a really nice-looking device to have on your home kitchen benchtop. You’ll want to grind slightly more finely than you would for manual pour-over techniques such as V60 or Chemex.

Here’s our step-by-step guide (or jump onto this guide’s Frequently Asked Questions):

Method for 500mL1.25L Moccamaster

  • Gear

    • Moccamaster
    • Moccamaster filter
    • Stirring tool
    • Mug(s)!

  • Goods

    31 78g of coffee beans
    500 1.250g (mL) of just-boiled water ♨︎

ℹ︎: If you don’t have a grinder, that’s OK! You can always use pre-ground coffee, though we recommend freshly ground because it does elevate the flavour of each brew.

♨︎: In our recipes, we measure water in grams because we use scales, and it’s easy to achieve precision this way. However, if you don’t have scales, the conversion is easy: 1g=1mL.


  1. Fold the paper filter.

    Do it so the it sits nicely in the basket.

  2. Rinse the filter and basket with hot water and thoughtfully discard it.

    This removes any papery taste and warms the basket and carafe.

  3. Grind 3178g of coffee beans.

    Use a slightly more fine grind setting than you use for V60 or Chemex.

  4. Fill the tank with 5001250g (mL) of room-temperature or cold water.

    The Moccamaster’s heating system works best with water at cooler temperatures.

  5. Set the filter basket to the closed position.

    Move the switch on the side of the basket to the setting marked X.

  6. Start the brewer.

    Turn on the switch and make sure the carafe is pressed against the brewing chamber.

  7. Once the filter basket is half-full of water, stir it up.

    Use a spoon or other tool to mix the slurry and make sure the grounds are all evenly damp—be careful not to rip the paper filter.

  8. Set the filter basket to open.

    Move the switch on the basket to the setting marked O, which will allow coffee to pour out into the carafe.

  9. Gently lift and tap the filter basket.

    Towards the end of the brew, gently lift and re-seat the filter basket in its holder. This will help settle the bed of grounds to ensure an even extraction.

  10. Swirl, share and enjoy!

    Give the carafe a gentle swirl to mix, then share your brew with your friends.

  11. Notes & tips

    Scale it up or down using a 1:16 grounds:water ratio.
    This is our general recommendation for brewing with a Moccamaster. Here’s a handy table, if you don’t have a calculator with you:

    31g coffee : 500mL water (marker no. 4 on tank)

    47g coffee : 750mL water (marker no. 6 on tank)

    62.5g coffee : 1L water (marker no. 8 on tank)

    78g coffee : 1.25L water (marker no. 10 on tank)

    Keeping the coffee warm for a long time.
    The carafe that comes with your Moccamaster is insulated and will keep coffee warm for up to 90 minutes or so. If you’d like to keep your coffee warm for longer, it’s worth using a vacuum flask with a glass inner vessel to keep your coffee warm longer.

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