10 years of Sample

Today is our birthday, and we’ve collected a few photos that illustrate our first decade. Get some popcorn (or filter coffee) and come with us in this journey.

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?/?/2008?: The exact moment where the love affair with coffee begun?

?/12/2011: Finalising the original mural at the Surry Hills espresso bar.

Shiny coffee porn at @samplecoffeebar

15/12/2011: Proof that Simon was there since day 1 (or at least, day 4).

27/01/2012: First Instagram post.

27/02/2012: The OG crew, Reuben and Karl.

21/04/2012: Reuben doing the thing, back in those days.

01/12/2012: Black Saturdays.

12/12/2012: First year of life and first packaging moves.

08/11/2013: John K comes with a bang.

20/11/2013: Preparations for the 2nd bday (babies).

09/02/2014: Rootstock!

13/08/2014: New packaging who dis?

?/11/2014: Probat arrives to a very empty St Peters warehouse.

12/11/2014: Get yourself a lover that looks at you like this.

27/02/2015: First days at St Peters.

18/01/2015: You know that curved seat at the Pro Shop? This is it.

21/03/2015: Minimalistic times.

28/04/2015: Felt cute.

06/09/2015: Surry keeps the vibe.

10/10/2015: Brew Crew starts shaping and gaining momentum.

?/10/2015: First trip to origin for Reuben: Colombia.

28/01/2016: Meg and Nicole.

?/02/2017: Ethiopia and Kenya!

15/02/2017: The start of an era.

20/12/2017: Team love.

02/01/2018: Surry Hills gets a facelift.

28/03/2019: Another roaster???

23/01/2018: Holt Street construction works… a hell of a time.

08/04/2019: Tasting events at the Pro Shop.

02/06/2019: Pop-up at Kaizen, Bangkok, Thailand.

01/08/2019: New branding and new packaging.

22/09/2019: A night take on Surry.

-/02/2020: The ball party.

-/03/2020: We open our third location, Old Gold in Chippendale—great timing (not).

-/03/2020: COVID times.

21/03/2020: Trying to save our ass.

24/12/2020: We saved it.

17/02/2021: Lovemaker.

-/08/2021: Lockdown.

10/10/2021: Launch of VS.

Here’s to 10 more years of peaceful morning brews.


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