Preferred name feature now live!

Have you noticed the personalised stickers on our subscription parcels? They include each subscriber’s name and a cheeky message. Everyone loves it.

It’s a feature that Si coded and embedded in our logistics system pretty much from day one, feeding on the shipping info provided through the signup process.

Until recently, when a customer shared their experience. As trans, their preferred name didn’t match their current legal name, which still needed to be used for practical reasons like shipping, applications, etc. The way our system was set up meant that they would get a box of coffee every fortnight with a label addressed to their former name.

They didn’t say it, but in this case, our nice touch became something potentially unpleasant and unnecessary.

From September 2021, our signup process includes a preferred name field (used in personalised stickers and communications) and a delivery name field (for AusPost shipping label).

So no matter why you choose to use a different name (trans, migration, lifetime nickname, etc.), all we want is your coffee parcel to make you feel nice, from delivery to the last sip.

From little things… 🌱


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