Accessibility and communication matters

A few weeks ago, facemasks on, Coen had some trouble getting understood by a new Surry Hills customer. Even if he tried his best, and with the (minimalistic) wall menu behind the bar, he just couldn’t get the message across. She was deaf, and the lip-reading factor was missing.

A frustrating experience for both.

But Coen is a clever and sensitive guy. He was like: “Why don’t we make a straightforward paper menu/sheet to avoid awkward situations, like this, in the future? It would be handy to make ourselves clear on those peak-times/solo shifts or when we can’t take the mask off.”

So the Sample nerd/design department created this sheet covering 99% of our coffee-ordering process, from QR sign-in to drinks, nibbles and a freestyle message-box. With an outer layer of plastic, future users can mark, scribble or circle their order and pass it onto the barista.

To make sure that what we did was sensible, we had the generous feedback and support from Erin and the team from Northcott Innovation and Sherrie from @isigniwander.

Image description

Sharing the A4 sheet, ready to copy and edit.

It’s a nice piece of collaborative work towards accessibility and better communication. Ask us and we’ll share it with anyone who wants to copy/adapt/use it.

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