Borrow coffee brewing gear and media at our new ‘Library'

We wanted to find a way to share what we have with our neighbours, making it easy and affordable to access different brewing methods or any of the coffee publications floating around the roastery. Inspired by other local tool libraries like the Carlton Kitchen Library and the Inner West Tool Library, or fashion rental platforms like Glam Corner, we put our brains to work.

Gear, coffee books and magazines library

For now, it only has a few essential items that you can loan for a tiny fee up to 28 days. There’s a Chemex, AeroPress, V60 (all with come with filters), some Standart magazine issues… have a look. It’s all there to be shared and enjoyed.

Based in the St Peter’s Pro Shop, it operates (only, for now) every Monday.

If you have any old coffee-themed books or gear items that are collecting cobwebs at home and would love to give them away, we’d be happy to add them to the inventory. Also, if you have any feedback or constructive ideas about the current library system, please do tell us. We’ve just launched this and are keen to introduce changes, so it gets better and more accessible.

Join us, make a reservation online and learn at

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