Our roastery and cafes buy 100% GreenPower

Our cafes and roastery buy 100% GreenPower coming from renewable energy sources. The timing for this announcement couldn’t have been more appropriate.

Ok, it’s 2020, and there is a lot going on already, but this matter can’t be skipped. Even if we (and many other businesses) are still trying to find some stable grounds after the COVID-19 crisis, the reality is that we need to keep talking about, and acting against climate change.

Our plan was to announce our switch to GreenPower by throwing back to last year’s #notbusinesasusual movement and the #climaterally. Yep, that happened on September 20th 2019; this year just went so fast.

This week’s news about the government’s extended fundings to fossil fuels made the timing even more (awkwardly) perfect.

Sample Coffee buys renewable energy for their roastery and cafes

In line with our overall environmental vision, we’ve been looking at ways to use clean energy in our warehouse and coffee shops. We rent our spaces, so installing solar panels didn’t seem very viable for us. However, something we could easily do was to switch to a ‘more ethical’ electricity provider for our spaces and sign up to 100% GreenPower (except in Old Gold, where we don’t have control over it). With this scheme, the electricity grid is fed with 100% of the kWh we consume using energy produced by accredited renewable sources.

Yes, it’s a bit confusing, and it doesn’t mean that our space is directly powered with renewables. But in practice, we are still funding green energy that gets put into the system. And most importantly, it sends a powerful signal to our leaders showing that actually there is a demand for clean energy.

Anyone, business or household, can sign up for this. Most electricity providers offer partial or total GreenPower options, so anyone can afford it. If you have any questions, we’re happy to share our findings with you. It took us a while to navigate this and find the right way and a few weeks ago we tied the knot.

We celebrate this milestone, but there’s more work to be done.

Step by step… from little things.


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