Gift and hampers ideas for Christmas (that don’t suck)

If you’re one of those that can’t go without presenting some gifts during the Christmas season, here are a few ideas that won’t end up forgotten deep in the pantry—neither will break your pocket.

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A few Christmas holidays ago, a family member gave someone in our team a coffee gift; it was a tin sign with a coffee quote, something like this:

A cute but not so useful coffee gift...

It was… cute? However, not really practical or useful. That’s the thing with some gifts; they’re a nice gesture, a token of love and appreciation; but too many times they’re stuff that we don’t need or will even use once.

Here at Sample, we advocate for mindful gifting. It sounds fancy, but what it means is giving stuff that will either be consumed/eaten/drunk or used many times—by the person who received it and many more after. So, generally, our gifts are locally-made food and drink (supporting local makers) or durable pieces of gear.

If you’re after some mindful gifting ideas for your coffee-loving friends and family, here are a few ideas that won’t be left forgotten in the deep end of the pantry:

  • Reuben and a bag Sample Coffee specialty coffee beans

    Coffee beans

    $From 17.2
    You can never go wrong gifting beans to someone who’s into coffee and doesn’t mind brewing a cup at home. If they don’t have a grinder, we can send it to you/them already ground and sealed.

  • A single cup steeped or drip bag

    Drip & steeped bags

    From $26
    A great pantry staple. They’ll make great coffee for months, and they come super handy on those occasions when brewing gear or capacity is limited—i.e. 5am before taking a flight.

  • Fellow carter takeaway mug

    Insulated takeaway cup

    It’ll keep coffee (or any other liquid) hot or cold for ages, and they look really nice. Spill-proof.

  • AeroPress

    AeroPress brewer

    The most functional brewer, it’s easy to take anywhere and brews consistently good coffee.

  • Chemex

    Chemex brewer 6 cup

    A beautiful brewer that can also be used as a wine decanter.

  • Porlex mini hand grinder

    Porlex Mini II hand grinder

    This is a great add-on for someone who homebrews a bit but is not quite there yet to own a grinder. One of the best ways to improve coffee flavour is to grind it before brewing, and this one offers a good step without committing to a fully electric one. Plus you can take it camping, or anywhere, together with the AeroPress.

  • Brewista scales


    Another amazing addition for the serious-to-be homebrewer. The only way to replicate and improve recipes is to know what you did; these scales let you measure weight and time so anyone can step up in consistency.

  • Hario Mizudashi

    Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Pot (1L)

    The easiest way to make cold brew coffee—a must in summer. It can also be used to brew teas.

  • Birdsnake chocolate

    Birdsnake chocolate bar

    Bean to bar chocolate, handmade in Melbourne. Really delicious and truly purpose-driven.

  • Granola

    Granola by Sample Coffee

    Made by the kitchen team and serve in our cafes, it’s got a wide fan base within our coffee subscribers.

  • Tea Craft tea

    Tea Craft Teas

    From $14
    Outstanding coffees sourced and packed by our mate Arthur in Western Sydney.

As always, when purchasing all these, beware of shipping timings—the closest to Xmas, the more chance for delays as AusPost gets busy. We recommend ordering no later than the 10th of December.

For all those last-minute shoppers out there, we always have our online subscription gift vouchers.

Lastly, here are some more not-coffee ideas from makers in Sydney’s Inner West:

Custom Corporate Gifts

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  • In most cases, we can operate in short lead times from the day of order and payment.
  • Orders over 10 qualify for discounts.

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