Colombia Alirio Muñoz

Jared Rieger Jared Rieger’s brew

almost 8 years ago

Extremely fruity aromas. Slightly weak taste on this brew, hard to pick up that apple note. Definitely going to up the grind setting on next time to improve the extraction. Looking forward to perfecting this one!

Brewed with V60:

Brew ratio was approximately 15g:1g (water:coffee).

  • V60
  • 15g Beans
  • 225ml Water at 94° C
  • 2m 20s Brew time

Jared brewed using a 6.7 : 100 ratio of coffee:water.


Simon Wright Simon Wright Sample Coffee Team

Quick on the draw! That ratio looks good, so with some adjustment of grind you should be set :)

The flavours should really start to open up in a couple of days: we usually find 3-21 days from roast is when our coffees taste best. Keep us posted!