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Out of basic food at home? Don’t want to deal with a crowded supermarket? Maybe even stuck in quarantine? Wanna cook with the same ingredients our chefs use in our cafes? No dramas.

With Sample Staples, you can do all that and support the people who roast your tasty coffee.

• Shop high-quality essential food and coffee in our Pro Shop.

• Ethically sourced through local small businesses and suppliers.

• Only walk-in (our pre-order and local delivery service is on pause at the moment).

Pantry Staples and local food essentials shopping in Sample Coffee Roastery

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What is Sample Staples?

At Sample Coffee, we’ve always sourced, roasted, brewed and served the coffee you (and we) dream of drinking every single day. The same principles drive us to provide fresh food and pantry essentials.

With Sample Staples you can stock up on food basics (bread, eggs, nuts, flour…) — the same staples that our chefs have in the Sample Coffee pantry.

Our suppliers.

We have worked with local independent suppliers since we opened our doors in 2015. These are Australian-owned small businesses that offer an amazing range of high-quality products, sourcing from local farmers and makers.

In these lines, we are pretty stoked to be a certified B Corporation; B Corps use profits and growth as a means to a greater end: positive impact for their employees, communities, and the environment.

The suppliers for the Sample Staples store are exactly the same we use in our own cafe: Thoroughbread Bakery, Two Provs, Nicks Food Milk More, Penny Fours…

Learn more about how we do business in our story or in our journal.

Why use Sample Staples?

These are the advantages and positive impacts when you choose Sample Staples as your pantry supplier:

  • You don’t need to deal with long queues or crowds at big malls and supermarkets.
  • You can shop staples together with your usual online Sample Coffee purchase.
  • Being a Sydney local, you can shop from the comfort of your couch and then pick-up from a few streets away.
  • If you are in quarantine, we can arrange to deliver the items to you locally. You have supported us during the last 5 years; now we want to serve you!
  • All the products you buy are of high-quality, exactly the same you have been served on your brekkies at Sample.
  • You are supporting the people at Sample Coffee instead of large corporations; you are helping your local coffee dealers survive these rough times!

Pantry Staples and local food essentials shopping in Sample Coffee Roastery

Pantry Staples and local food essentials shopping in Sample Coffee Roastery


How can I order Sample Staples? The online shopping options has been disabled for now. Only walk-in purchases.
I can’t see all your coffees in the Sample Staples page. Where are they? All our coffee offerings are in the dedicated coffee section at

Access through link above or click on the “Coffee” section at the “Shop” button on main menu.
Where do I shop Staples? At our Sample Coffee Pro Shop in St Peters:

Suite 1.03, 75 Mary St (cnr Albion Lane) St Peters, NSW 2044
What delivery company do you use? Local deliveries are not available at the moment, sorry :(
What is the cut-off time to place my order so it’s ready on the following pick-up day? Pre-orders are not available at the moment, sorry :(
What’s the return policy? Unfortunately, we can’t accept returns for change of mind. However, if there is a problem with any of your staples (faulty, broken or outdated), you must contact us for an exchange or refund.

If you have any questions, comments or you don’t like the product, we are happy to have a look and consider case by case.
Please email us at
What’s the cancellation policy? Yes but only before the cut-off time as outlined above. If you really need to cancel and be refunded, we will be review case by case.
A basic product I’d like to buy isn’t here. Can you get it for me? If you’d like us to add a product into the Sample Staples offering, please email us at
Why have you created Sample Staples? We’ve created the Staples outlet as a way to:

- Stay in business after the Covid-19 funk. - Keep as many staff as we can with a job. - Put our supplier contacts and logistics knowledge in service to the local community. - Support other small suppliers and producers. - Make the basic food shopping experience a bit easier and safer than going to large, more crowded malls.
General Terms & Conditions. Governed by the Sample Staples F.A.Q. outlined above and, then, our general Terms, conditions and warranty policy.

John full of coffee delivery boxes in our warehouse

Delivery and packing crew

Pantry Staples and local food essentials shopping in Sample Coffee Roastery

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