Coffee training at the office

Last December, we headed to DKO’s office to show their staff a few tricks to make better coffee. In exchange, they made our 2021 local wholesale deliveries carbon neutral.

Are you still working from home, or are you back to your standard office work schedule?

DKO‘s Sydney branch is one of our coffee for work subscribers and the team is pretty much 100% back at the Surry Hills brand new office. Not only with the customary check-in and temperature control procedures but also with a complete in-house espresso bar set up. It’s no surprise that their weekly coffee order ramped up at the same pace as they recovered a degree of normality.

Reuben showing the office staff how to make coffee.

However, more isn’t always better. Although today’s coffee machines automatise most brewing processes, there are still quite a few variables that depend on us, humans. Simple tricks and cleaning habits can elevate each cup’s flavour and expand the extend the machine’s life.

DKO’s office manager, Gemma, has a background in high-end hospitality, and she knows the importance of those little things and their impact on the overall experience. Offering great coffee to the office crew and visitors is a simple yet meaningful sign of care. So she quickly reached out and organised a morning workshop on “coffee basics”.

Reuben training the crew on latte art skills.

Reuben covered the espresso basics and etiquette in no longer than one hour. From extracting a consistent yield to steaming milk and leaving the facilities clean for the next barista. Small habits that build healthier coffee-making habits.

As a payment token for this training, they signed our delivery van up with Go Neutral. This means that all our local wholesale deliveries through 2021 are made carbon neutral via investment in planting projects within Australia. How cool is this?

Anyone can make, enjoy and share a great coffee. At home, at work, wherever.

Office team coffee brewing event for a tech company of Sydney.

Need coffee at the office? Get Sample beans delivered to you with our coffee for work subscription, starting at 1kg monthly. And if you are also after upping up your brewing skills, we sure can organise something, whether in person or via Zoom.

Get in touch and let’s chat.


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