Sieving rocks out of our coffee beans

A cup of… rocks? Yeah, plus twigs, concrete chips and, sometimes, even nails. Legend says someone once found a bullet.

When the coffee beans are processed and packed at origin, then roasted and packed in the roasteries, the facilities generally don’t look like a white minimalistic lab. While everyone puts a lot of care on keeping the systems clean and closed, there is always a slim chance that something foreign gets into the packaging. While this is uncommon, it happens now and then.

This wouldn’t be that big a deal if it weren’t because these alien bodies can cause damage to the grinder burrs when their density is harder than roasted coffee beans.

It’s been one year since we installed our destoning machine, and this is all the debris we’ve captured until today. The machine works as a sort of vacuum cleaner, lifting only material with a density equal to roasted coffee. Anything heavier will stay at the bottom of the cylinder, and the clean beans travel to our packing station.

These may be the only types of rock we don’t look forward to over here…


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