Introducing the ‘Sample Coffee Tree Fund’

From today (Monday 13th Jan 2020) we are adding a $0.20 levy to each of our retail coffee bags (sold in-shop and online, independent of weight). It will go entirely to Carbon Positive Australia (formerly Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund), a registered charity that works on forest regeneration projects here in Australia.

Update: as of 2023, the Tree Fund is now called the Sample Coffee Fund, and is donated to a mix of people- and planet-friendly charities.

This is our very first step towards our long term plan of going carbon neutral and comes in a moment where we feel this goal cannot wait anymore. Our lands need healthy trees more than ever and we want to help re-build them through our daily trade. This levy doesn’t replace but complements our current World Coffee Research membership and our yearly donations to different community and environmental organisations.

The Sample Coffee Tree Fund contribution will be ongoing (this year, and next, and next…), and we are studying how to roll it over the rest of our products and service in the midterm while keeping affordable prices for our food and coffee. We know that our tribe (you) do care about our planet so we are confident that you won’t feel offended by this small change. Especially knowing that it goes straight into a specific environmental project that is traceable and gives back to our immediate nature.

Carbon Positive Australia supports the rehabilitation of degraded land in Australia that has previously been cleared for commercial purposes. They work on 1 to 2 new projects per year, planting native species and sharing details and follow up reports on their website. As of now, “a $3.75 donation will plant 1 native tree or shrub, and will contribute to the management and monitoring of our planting projects”. With the volume of bags we sell weekly, we are pretty sure we can plant a few of those when we add up every 20 cents.

This is just one little thing that we can do together with you to leave this planet better than we found it.

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