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Working towards total transparency

Gathering reliable data from within our organisation and from our suppliers and services can be an extensive undertaking. The implementation of digital technologies and software for daily operations enable the analysis of key financial information. However, measuring our impact on communities and environments require additional complex and time-consuming efforts.

Balancing quality and relationship tenure

As a business we aim to build long lasting relationships that offer trust and stability on both sides of the supply chain. However, when the quality of the product does not match our standards, maintaining the trade agreement can harm our reputation. One of our quests is to find a balance on picking only the finest and most exciting beans and building long-lasting relationships with the farmers.

Minimising steps between us and our producers

In order to cut steps towards direct trade with coffee producers we look at ways to purchase directly with the relevant trading bodies, which differ from country to country. This is a very difficult task for us as a small independent business due to the liability on the quality of the product that we receive.

2018 highlights

Small steps

We offer a 50 cent discount for coffees takeaway coffees in non-disposable cups and elimination of plastic straws. We implemented the initiative with the objective of reducing emissions and waste as a result of packaging overuse. This attempt towards changing people’s behaviour and the awareness of their impact through coffee consumption was successful thanks to the price discount incentive absorbed by Sample.