Re-introducing the Sample Coffee Fund

In January 2020, in response to the severe summer bushfires here in Australia, the hospitality industry organised numerous fundraisers to support the cause. Instead of a one-off event, we wanted to create something ongoing that shared part of the yearly revenue with an environmental cause. We called this initiative the Sample Coffee Tree Fund.

For this, we installed a $0.20 levy on each retail coffee bag sold in our cafes and online; the total raised throughout each financial year would go to a nonprofit organisation working in forest preservation and regeneration within Australia. Our choice was Carbon Positive Australia, which has received the kitty since.

Last financial year, however, we felt it was time to revisit the Fund concept. We wanted to include a social cause among the recipients, splitting the donation kitty between people and planet initiatives. So the funds raised throughout FY2022/23 went to our original organisation partner, Carbon Positive Australia, and the local FoodLab Sydney’s Kitchen for Refugees & Migrants project.

So, because it’s not just about trees anymore, the fund’s name has changed to Sample Coffee Fund.

And every time you buy a bag of retail beans in our shops or online, you know a part of what you pay is helping to make an impact.

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