Say hello to our new coffee bags

One of the points raised in our 2023 subscriber survey was a general desire for environmentally-friendly packaging. We couldn’t agree more.

The good news is: our new range of coffee bean bags is starting to roll out as we speak—and it’s made of ABA Home Compostable verified materials!

Photo of a 1kg Sweet Tooth Blend bag in front of a mural in our warehouse

Our new compostable bags look similar to the former ones, but they’re not! Look out for the disposal information on the side.

We’ve been working on this next generation of packaging for more than a year, even before the collapse of REDcycle. It just took this long to get through the batch of soft plastic bags we already have in stock—because we think throwing them out unused is even more wasteful.

The good news is: our new bags are starting to roll out this week, and they are made with ABA Home Compostable certified materials! (And the whole bags themselves are pending their own certification.)

1kg bags are now in circulation. 250g and 400-500g bags will come into action as the existing soft plastic stock finishes, which we anticipate to happen within the next month or two.

Learn more about how to dispose of our new (and old) coffee bags

Every material is a compromise

In terms of materials, the choice wasn’t always obvious.

Aluminium is the best in terms of recycling over and over, but the machinery investment is hefty.

Paper is widely available, cheap, and recycles okay, but not suitable to keep beans fresh for weeks.

Home compostable options are fantastic and numerous, but are also way more pricey than soft plastic. Plus, most FOGO (Food and Organics) collection systems still don’t accept many certified home-compostable items… so right now, the harsh reality is most still end up in landfill.

Photo of the side of our new home-compostable bag

Look for this message on the side of our new bags

So, how did we choose?

All things considered, we settled on the home-compostable material you’ll see soon. The winning argument was that their core is plant-based and no longer reliant on oil. And, while the waste collection waste systems are not currently compost-ready, we anticipate heaps of progress in the next few months and years.


Our new packaging is supplied by Ecobarista, and while the bag ‘canvas’ is verified as ABA Home Compostable, the final assembled product is still awaiting its own verification.

We’ve left a space on the bag to add the “ABA Home Compostable” verified seedling logo once that process is complete, and hopefully, we’ll all be seeing more of that on other packaging in the coming years.

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