Colombia Guiverney Narvaez (2015 Harvest)

Image of John's Aeropress brew

John Kaye John Kaye’s brew Sample Coffee Team

over 4 years ago

Tasting sweet, like a crisp apple. Red apple skin bitterness, a bit of green grape freshness and acidity. At 90 seconds it's a little soft: with a longer brew time or slightly finer grind it'll extract a bit more body and acidity.

Brewed with Aeropress:

Porlex hand grinder and inverted Aeropress: add all the water in one pour, agitate at 30 seconds then screw the cap in place. Inverted the Aeropress at 90 seconds and plunge over about 20-25 seconds.

  • Aeropress
  • 14g Beans
  • 225ml Water at 97° C
  • 90s Brew time

John brewed using a 6.2 : 100 ratio of coffee:water.