Colombia Guiverney Narvaez (2015 Harvest)

Matthew Nelson Matthew Nelson’s brew

over 4 years ago

This bean has opened my eyes to the variety in Columbian coffee. Reminiscent of some East African beans (Rwanda or Burundi) with its Stone Fruit flavours. I'm getting more nectarine flavours with a hint of plum.

Brewed with Aeropress:

Inverted Aeropress method. Using medium grind, add 50ml of 80 degree water to infuse ground coffee for 30sec. Stir then add remaining water and stir. Let it infuse for 2min30sec. Add filter and flip right way up in a cup, extract for 30sec.

  • Aeropress
  • 14g Beans
  • 250ml Water at 80° C
  • 3m 30s Brew time

Matthew brewed using a 5.6 : 100 ratio of coffee:water.