Colombia Guiverney Narvaez (2015 Harvest)

Image of Simon's Aeropress brew

Simon Wright Simon Wright’s brew Sample Coffee Team

over 4 years ago

Tasting pretty sweet, with a balanced body and a little acidity. Lots more apple flavour coming through at 15g.

Brewed with Aeropress:

Initially tried this one with 14g coffee and it was a bit light. Bumped it up to 15g and it's tasting great.

Porlex grinder and (upright) Aeropress: 15g coffee, all the water in one pour. Stir three times in circular motion, then put plunger in place to stop the water filtering through. At 60 seconds, remove the plunger and stir three more times in a circular motion. Then replace the plunger and push down.

  • Aeropress
  • 15g Beans
  • 240ml Water at 97° C
  • 70s Brew time

Simon brewed using a 6.3 : 100 ratio of coffee:water.