Colombia Maria Del Rosario Olaya

Josh Dove Josh Dove’s brew

about 8 years ago

A rich yet balanced brew, tropical flavours and a lingering toffee-like sweetness. Delicious.

Brewed with Kalita Wave:

Note: used grind size '11' on a Baratza Encore (on the finer side) and the smaller (155) Kalita Wave dripper.

(Circular/spiral pouring throughout brew).

At beginning, 40-50g bloom until ~30 seconds (or when coffee stops bubbling/swelling). Then pour up to 100g.

After 1 minute, pour up to 150g.

After 1:30, pour up to 200g.

Pour the last water, up to 260g, after 2 minutes.

Water should finish dripping through between 2:45 and 3:00.

  • Kalita Wave
  • 16g Beans
  • 260ml Water at 96° C
  • 3m 0s Brew time

Josh brewed using a 6.2 : 100 ratio of coffee:water.