Kenya Kiamabara

Josh D Josh D’s brew

about 8 years ago

24g coffee ground @ '18' setting on Baratza Encore - medium coarse I guess?

used smaller (155) Kalita Wave dripper & Brewista kettle @ 94 degrees.

as timer started, began to slowly add water up to 40-50g for bloom, then a gentle stir.
after 0:30, began adding more water. by around 2:50, reached target of 390g. water level remained relatively high (near top of filter) throughout the brewing process. done by around 3:00.

found it to be absolutely delicious, probably my favourite filter cup so far with the Brew Crew sub... now to try it as espresso!

Brewed with Kalita Wave:

  • Kalita Wave
  • 24g Beans
  • 390ml Water at 94° C
  • 3m 0s Brew time

Josh brewed using a 6.2 : 100 ratio of coffee:water.