Coffee atlas: Murang’a in Kenya

East of Nyeri, also with rich volcanic soils and a high percentage of smallholder producers

Altitude: 1300–1900 m above sea level

Harvest: October–December (main) and June–August (fly)

Varietals: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, Batian

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Previous coffees from Murang’a:


Kenya Gondo AA

Sold out

Delivered in 2019

from New Kiriti Farmer's Cooperative Society

Flavours of grape jelly, cherry, currant

Body     Acidity

Best as black espresso/filter

Kenya Gondo AA online

Kenya Kiboi

Sold out

Delivered in 2020

from 460 Smallholders

Flavours of effervescent blood orange and burnt toffee

Body     Acidity

Best as black espresso/filter

Kenya Kiboi online


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