Costa Rica

Finca Volcán Azul

San Isidro

Released August 1, 2018

Tasting notes

Sugar cane, kiwi, nectarine
Medium bodied with crisp acidity

Since the mid-2000s, the country has seen an increasing focus on the establishment of micro-mills, aiming to increase production of traceable, high quality lots of coffee such as this one.

Finca Volcán Azul is a fifth-generation farm in the Tarrazú region. They’ve reserved part of the farm to produce micro-batches of a range of varietals, using a variety of coffee processes to highlight the unique qualities of each.

Eight years ago, with the help of two agronomists, Carlos Mario Rodriguez and Orlando Mora, they began testing different lines of the Sarchimor varietal, which is a hybrid of Villa Sarchí and Timor. They wanted to find their own line that produced high cup quality, disease resistance, and a high yield, in the actual conditions of their farm.

They’ve named the varietal that resulted San Isidro, after the town near the farm where they were tested – and that’s the washed process of this varietal which we’re showcasing in this delivery.

You can also visit Volcán Azul’s website.

About the varietals in Finca Volcán Azul San Isidro

San Isidro varietal

A Sarchimor (hybrid of Villa Sarchi and Timor) developed in cooperation with Finca Volcán Azul in Costa Rica. It is named after the nearby town of San Isidro

Coffee from Costa Rica

Since the mid-2000s there has been an increasing focus on the establishment of micro-mills in Costa Rica to increase their production of traceable, high quality lots of coffee.

The Tarrazú region of Costa Rica

The area generally considered to produce the highest grade coffee in Costa Rica. Farmers from other regions are known to market their coffee as ‘Tarrazú’ due to the strength of the name

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