Lot 3

Released November 21, 2018

Tasting notes

Mandarin, bergamot, lemon sherbet
Light bodied with soft acidity

Gato is a brand new mill set up by the Haro Sana cooperative in 2017 in the Agaro area of Jimma in Ethiopia.

Haro Sana’s knowledge of picking and processing coffee made it possible for Gato to produce outstanding coffee in their first year of production. Reuben was lucky enough to visit in November last year, just before harvest, to see the final construction of the washing mill.

Here’s a video of some of the drive into Gato, taken on our visit there in 2017.

What makes Gato so special is their people and its location. Set deep in the rainforest you have to drive a long trail, accessible only by 4wd, to access the Mill. The coffee is grown by 400 local smallholders in the rainforest surrounding the mill, which is rich with diversity.

Of all the lots produced by Gato, we selected lot number three to be our favourite. The lot number correlates to the time when the coffee was washed, brought to the mill, and processed. Usually the middle of the harvest is when you find the most complex, juicy and sweet coffees.

We really hope you enjoy this delicious first offering from a cooperative that we can’t wait to visit again soon!

About the varietals in Gato Lot 3

Ethiopian Heirloom varietal

The Ethiopian Heirloom name is used to describe indigenous heirloom varieties resulting from cross-breeding between species and varietals rather than stemming from one particular variety.

Coffee from Ethiopia

Seen as the birthplace of domesticated coffee, there not many more exciting times at the Sample Roastery as when our fresh Ethiopian lots arrive. There’s a lot to love about Ethiopian coffee

The Jimma region of Ethiopia

Region in the southwest that traditionally only produced commodity grade coffee. With increased exposure and education the truly great potential of this area is beginning to be realised. Can also be referred to as ‘Jimmah’, ‘Jimma’, and ‘Djimmah’

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Agaro

Altitude: 2000m

Varietals: Ethiopian Heirloom

Process: Washed

Producer: Gato Cooperative

Harvested: December 2017

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