Girma Sintayehu

Flavours of peach, toffee, apricot
Body     Acidity

Best as black espresso/filter

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Girma Sintayehu is a single-farm lot from Kochere, in the southwest of Ethiopia.

Most Ethiopian coffees take the name of the regional cooperative where they get processed—you may be familiar: Nano Chala, Duromina, or Jabanto, all cooperatives which we’ve shared previously. These coffees represent the work of numerous smallholders, as all the lots of cherries get combined and processed at the collective facilities.

Jabanto farmers business group is a cooperative of 87 farmers who have started highlighting all exceptional lots, sold under that farmer’s name. This is the case of Adebe Cherfo, and this coffee.

This feature mechanism gets them better prices to match the quality and is a good source of dignity and motivation to keep up the good work year after year.

Girma Sintayehu is an excellent sample of Jabanto’s line of production.


Girma Sintayehu






1900-2000m above sea level


Ethiopian Heirloom







Roast style


Map showing location of Ethiopia Girma Sintayehu

What makes up Ethiopia Girma Sintayehu?


Ethiopian Heirloom varietal

The Ethiopian Heirloom name is used to describe indigenous heirloom varieties resulting from cross-breeding between species and varietals rather than stemming from one particular variety.

The location

Coffee from Ethiopia

Seen as the birthplace of domesticated coffee, there are not many more exciting times at the Sample warehouse as when our fresh Ethiopian lots arrive. Legend says it’s our favourite origin…

The Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia

Unique for its floral and highly aromatic coffees. Some our of very favourite and memorable Ethiopian coffees have emerged from this legendary region.

Farm processes

Washed process

Machines are used to remove the flesh from the coffee cherry before being fermented in water, washed again, and finally sun dried. This process tends to result in more distinct, cleaner flavours.

Coffee delivery: coffee in resealable bag and farm information card

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