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José Ignacio Gómez

Geisha From Finca Los ángeles

A scrumptious washed Geisha lot from the Nariño region. We find notes of lemonade, passionfruit and mango.

Body     Acidity

Roasted omni for filter and espresso

Colombia. José Ignacio Gómez. Geisha. Washed. Need to know anything else?


Here we usually explain why we chose X or Y coffee for the latest VS subscription delivery. But whenever we feature a Geisha, it feels like not much description is needed; almost everybody knows that this varietal is extremely select, very tricky to grow but incredibly rewarding in flavour.

This washed lot from José Ignacio Gómez demonstrates why Geisha has some hype. It’s clean, it’s complex, it’s delicately nuanced. In fact, it ranked #20 at the Colombia 2022 Cup of Excellence.

This VS is top of the game—basically a soft drink in coffee form.


José Ignacio Gómez is a familiar name for us. We featured a lot of Caturra and another lot of Geisha some years ago (the latter won Caravela’s Colombia’s Got Talent fun competition in 2020).

He is a second-generation producer who learned everything about coffee from his dad. In 2002 he purchased his own farm, El Paraíso, and began producing commodity-grade coffee. A few years later, he dipped a toe into the specialty market, attracted by the higher financial reward and technical challenge. As he earned experience within the production side, he also learned how to cup and analyse, trying to understand how changes in the harvest and process would affect his coffee flavour profile.

José has become a respected member of the Nariño coffee-producing community. He co-founded the Cooperativa de Cafés Especiales de Nariño, a cooperative organisation to help its members market their outstanding coffees. He is also a constant appearance in the yearly Cup of Excellence rankings.


Finca Los Ángeles is a parallel project that José runs alongside part of his family. It’s located not far from El Paraíso, in the municipality of Buesaco, Nariño, Colombia.

4 out of the 6 hectares of this farm are dedicated to growing coffee—mainly Geisha varietal. This varietal, known for its delicate care requirements, works very well here thanks to the altitude, climate, and José’s hard-earned experience. He started to work with Geisha in 2013, and after adapting some methods, he realised its great potential and performance.

Aside from producing a high volume of the highest standard of specialty coffee, Los Ángeles is an experimental centre where the team investigates and tests constantly.


Geisha (also sometimes spelled Gesha) is a varietal known for its exceptional cupping quality but also for its susceptibility to diseases and low yield.

“This variety was originally collected from coffee forests in Ethiopia in the 1930s. From there, it was sent to the Lyamungu research station in Tanzania, and then brought to Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza (CATIE) in Central America in the 1953, where it was logged as accession T2722. It was distributed throughout Panama via CATIE in the 1960s after it had been recognised for tolerance to coffee leaf rust. However, the plant’s branches were brittle and not favored by farmers so it was not widely planted. The coffee came to prominence in 2005 when the Peterson family of Boquete, Panama, entered it into the "Best of Panama” competition and auction. It received exceptionally high marks and broke the then-record for green coffee auction prices, selling for over $20/pound.

[…]It is associated with extremely high cup quality when the plants are managed well at high altitude, and is known for its delicate floral, jasmine, and peach-like aromas.

The spellings Geisha and Gesha are often used interchangeably, relating to the fact that there is no set translation from the dialects of Ethiopia to English.“
Source: World Coffee Research


While the typical washed process is simple, it is done with the utmost care and attention. Combined with the properties given by the growing environment, results in a clean, sweet and floral brew.

After being roasted lightly on our Loring, we find notes of lemonade, passionfruit and mango, with a super light body and balanced acidity.


Time to brew and have a good time. Check out our brewing recipes and notes, add yours or talk to us via email/Instagram about tips and guidance. Enjoy!

All the images and information about this coffee and its producers have been kindly shared by the importer, Cofinet, and edited by us, Sample Coffee (unless linked to or credited otherwise).


Green coffee certifications: Rainforest Alliance

All the images and information about this coffee and its producers have been kindly shared by the importer, Cofinet, and edited by us, Sample Coffee (unless linked to or credited otherwise).

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José Ignacio Gómez




Buesaco, Nariño


1890m above sea level






October 2022





Tasting notes

Lemonade, passionfruit and mango

Roast style


Map showing location of Colombia José Ignacio Gómez Geisha From Finca Los ángeles


Gesha varietal

An exceptionally high quality variety that has grown in popularity, Gesha is named after the town of Gesha in Ethiopia where the seeds originated.

The location

Coffee from Colombia

Colombia is one of the largest coffee producers in the world and benefits greatly from having one of the most unique and complex set of micro-climates of all coffee producing nations.

The Nariño region of Colombia

One of the highest growing regions in Colombia, producing some truly complex coffees

Farm processes

Washed process

Machines are used to remove the flesh from the coffee cherry before being fermented in water, washed again, and finally sun dried. This process tends to result in more distinct, cleaner flavours.

Coffee delivery: coffee in resealable bag and farm information card

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