Released July 18, 2018

Tasting notes

Apricot, lime, and complex florals
Light bodied with citric acidity

Kore is the kebele (village) where this coffee is grown and processed.

We’ve showcased other coffees from the Kochere woreda (district) in previous years. The district sits within the famous coffee region of Yirgacheffe, and Kore itself is about 25 kilometers from the centre of Yirgacheffe Town.

Also nearby is the small village of Ch'elelek'tu, which you might recognise as another origin we’ve featured in the past.

As with most Ethiopian coffees, the beans are what’s known as Ethiopian Heirloom varietal, which means they’re not a specific varietal but instead a mix of the locally occurring varietals.

These naturally occurring hybrids are both disease resistant and also gives Ethiopian coffee the unique sweet flavour and sparkling acidity that we look forward to with each harvest.

What does acidity mean?

You might have spotted that this coffee is described as having citric acidity.

When we talk about acidity, we’re talking about flavour and vibrancy that comes from types of acid that occur naturally in foods. The easiest example of this is biting into a green apple. This coffee has a red apple acidity which refers to malic acid that’s in apple and rhubarb.

In others coffees you might taste citric acids (similar to limes, oranges and lemons), tartaric acids (like green grapes), or acetic acids (by itself a vinegary flavour, but in small amounts it’s more like wine).

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Gedeo, Yirgacheffe

Altitude: 1795-1900m

Varietals: Ethiopian Heirloom

Process: Washed

Producer: Small Holder Farmers

Harvested: December 2017

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