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Merlin Rosibel Nolasco

We find flavours of cherry, peach, lime

Body     Acidity
Roasted omni for filter and espresso

Merlin Rosibel Nolasco and his wife Darlin are the owners of Darpamer, in the Los Planes region of Honduras, just north-east of the border with El Salvador.

Merlin was born into coffee - his mother Rosalina Calix is a first generation farmer who instilled the caficultor spirit in her children Merlin, Freddy and Nora. Today the three of them collaborate on each other’s farms, and are all involved in the production of specialty coffee.

Merlin has been working at Darpamer for almost 10 years. On the farm he grows Catuai and Lempira, along with fruit trees including orange, lime and banana.

This year he has changed his nutrition management and pruning techniques, which allowed him to increase his overall productivity of the farm to 25 bags of parchment coffee.

Merlin has his own wet mill at the farm that is fed by a natural waterfall. In the future, he plans to improve the wet mill facility to continually elevate the quality of his coffee, as well as plant more barrier trees to minimise topsoil erosion.


All the images and information about this coffee and its producers have been kindly shared by the importer, Condesa Co L Ab, and edited by us, Sample Coffee (unless linked to or credited otherwise).

Resting beans inside the sealed bag helps develop peak flavours and acidity

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To brew on espresso, we recommend using 20g of beans (dose) to get 60g of espresso out (yield), during 24-28 seconds.

g dose
g yield
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To brew in infusion/fed brewers (V60, Chemex) use a ratio of 1:16.7 ratio of beans:water.

g beans
g water
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To brew in immersion brewers (plunger, AeroPress, Kalita, batch brewer) we recommend using a 1:14.3 ratio of beans:water

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To brew as cold brew we recommend using a 1:12 ratio of beans:water

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g water
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Merlin Rosibel Nolasco




Los Planes


1600m above sea level









Tasting notes

Cherry, peach, lime

Roast style


Map showing location of Honduras Merlin Rosibel Nolasco


Catuai varietal

Created by the Instituto Agronomico do Campinas in Brasil, Catuai is a hybrid varietal between Caturra and Mundo Novo.

The location

Coffee from Honduras

The largest producer of coffee in Central America and one of our favourite coffee producing nations, capable of producing fruit driven coffees with a great, vibrant acidity.

Farm processes

Washed process

Machines are used to remove the flesh from the coffee cherry before being fermented in water, washed again, and finally sun dried. This process tends to result in more distinct, cleaner flavours.

Coffee delivery: coffee in resealable bag and farm information card

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