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Victor Felix Ramirez

X Grade Pink Bourbon

Flavours of vanilla, poached pear, mulled wine
Body     Acidity

Roasted omni for filter and espresso


Victor Felix has been in coffee since a young age as his parents are coffee growers, from whom he has learned about the crop. He has worked in coffee for a long time and when he got married, he decided to buy his own farm to start producing coffee with his own family.

Along with his wife, Blanca Rubi, they bought their own farm in the rural area of Pitalito, south of the Huila region, and named it La Fortuna. From the start, he knew that the piece of land would bring good fortune and luck.

Their journey in coffee has been going strong for 35 years now and it was 3 years ago they made the switch to specialty coffee.

This change has also brought a change of mindset for Victor.

He is know keen to learn, he thinks more about quality and hence has acquired more knowledge that he has put into practice, improving the cup quality and the coffee trees. But also, and most important to him, coffee has united the family much more and he is proud that they all work together, achieving what they have today.

The future looks bright, but of course it requires a big effort and work, as for example, one of the main challenges they face are the shortage of work force. As future plans for the farm, Victor Felix wants to improve his infrastructure, have new varieties, and also plant native trees for the future.


The “X-Grade” denomination or program is a relatively new initiative by coffee importer Caravela, currently selling mostly within their US customer base.

One of the motivators behind X-grade was to open new opportunities for buyers to purchase exotic varietals and processing alternatives that Caravela’s producers are experimenting with or implementing at their farms. Another drive was to set a framework within the exotic coffee market, as the global demand grows and a lot of producers decide to run experiments on a farm level.

With the X-grade program, “we commit to purchasing exotics at better prices only IF we are buying other qualities (RTB-AA) from the producers and IF the coffee is excellent quality” says Caravela.

“The idea is to continue buying different quality tiers from producers, from 83 to 90+, but it is VERY important to note that we are not just supporting a trend but more than anything assuring producers can sell as much as possible from what they have. Yes, these are exotic beauties.

We have been working with the PECA team to understand the processes and varieties to support producers and help them minimize risk while processing this type of coffees. Still, again we do not encourage producers to experiment with the whole farm or only focus on those type of coffees unless they already have the experience and the customers to sell the lots too.”


Now you know a bit more about the background it’s time to enjoy this awesome coffee! If you don’t know where to start, you can use Reuben’s brewing recipe (coming soon, see below).

You can also try your favourite method and play around with some settings to get the best of it. Don’t forget to tell us how it went, adding your recipe here, via email or on Instagram at @samplecoffee.

We look forward to hearing about your experience with this VS coffee!


All the images and information about this coffee and its producers have been kindly shared by the importer, Caravela, and edited by us, Sample Coffee (unless linked to or credited otherwise).

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Victor Felix Ramirez




Pitalito, Huila


1650-1800m above sea level


Pink Bourbon




December 2021





Roast style


Map showing location of Colombia Victor Felix Ramirez X Grade Pink Bourbon


Pink Bourbon varietal

Cultivated from hybridization of Red and Yellow Bourbon. It’s very rare, but the producers say it is quite resistant to rust. Pink and Orange Bourbons are very difficult to produce with consistency.

The location

Coffee from Colombia

Colombia is one of the largest coffee producers in the world and benefits greatly from having one of the most unique and complex set of micro-climates of all coffee producing nations.

The Huila region of Colombia

This region boasts the perfect combination of high quality soil and geography and is quickly becoming one of the largest coffee producing regions in Colombia. One of the best regarded regions for high quality, fruit driven coffee.

Farm processes

Natural process

This technique leaves some flesh on the coffee cherry during processing and drying. This results in flavours which may show jammy fruit and a little winey-ness.

Coffee delivery: coffee in resealable bag and farm information card

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